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Woman Drawing

by Ruby

Drawing a Woman

Drawing a Woman

I love pencil drawings and sketches, especially the way you shade trying to depict the moods and thoughts of the subject.

I am an amateur and have no training to draw. It was only in the recent times that I started drawing portraits.

I usually choose some picture that I couldn't resist, the subject must appeal to me visually and make my hands itch to draw. I have found that it is only these drawings that I could finish and still bear a resemblance to the original.

For me, it is like the subject chooses you. I like the boldness and courage of the girl in this sketch. The contours of her lips, the shape of her eyes and her lovely curls made me choose this sketch.

Note from Kerry:
Hi Ruby
I agree with everything you say! I think it's very important to choose a subject that interests you. I'm also glad to hear that your fingers itch when you see something that you want to draw because that's what happens to me.

For someone with no training in portrait drawing, I think you have done a fabulous job!

When drawing portraits, we have to make more careful observations and comparisons. It's only in the initial stages that portraits are more difficult and the old saying about practice is entirely true.

You are very discerning to notice her boldness and courage and I think you've portrayed it very well. You have a nice drawing style, Ruby.

Self taught artists do well because we learn to think for ourselves. We gravitate towards those subjects that interest us and I think that speeds up our progress. We form our own rules and theories from our own experience. Self taught artists rule!

Thanks Ruby, I have enjoyed viewing your drawing and reading your story.

Some comments:

by: Dale
I really like the way you have captured this lovely lady. I am self taught as well and agree with Kerry, We Rule!!!!
Yours in Drawing

by: Lilly Antonaevic
We rule and learn..
First nice drawing..
I also love using my humble pencil and my coloured pencils to do art..
We ALL rule, beacuse in my humble opnion we are all artists and we all have something to say with our art.. Keep Arting, this money and posessions obessed world Needs Artists..
In fact I am soon to be in an Exhibition that is only for art created using the pencil..
Hugs to all here and may your pencil be your power tool.. Lol..

by: Ruby
I drew this from a picture in Learn to draw Portraits book. Thanks for posting this Kerry and your kind comments Dale and Lilly!:) Congratulations Lilly!

by: Ashok
Nice one!!
Nice drawing...Go ahead and put some more!!
Hope you have a good hobby...

by: Michael Betz
Self Taught.....
Hi Ruby. First off...great drawing! I am a self taught artist as well. I like doing portraits....I'll draw just about anything, but I do really enjoy doing portraits.
May I offer a suggestion?

For self taught artists trying to learn portraits, I highly, 100%, and can not suggest enough, checking out an artist by the name of Lee Hammond.
Miss Hammond is my idol in the modern artists scene. I own 5 of her books, and you can get them at your local library.....she will teach you techniques that will really make your portraits come alive.....I know, because I have modeled my style after her blended pencil technique...I think you will really enjoy her work and learn a tremendous amount from her teachings.

by: Ruby
Thanks Michael! I will definitely check out her books.

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