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Artwork by Bill

by Bill Richards
(Hart, MI USA)

Big Point Sable Lighthouse

Big Point Sable Lighthouse

Big Point Sable Lighthouse
Dark Rose - drawn 2008
Beautiful Night Sky

Big Point Sable Lighthouse
Using Pen mostly, and then going over with a light watercolor wash - I really enjoy the softness of this piece.
(The original shows more color, but yet still retains the softness, balanced against the hard contrast of the landscape.)

I hope you enjoy my version of Big Point Sable.

Click each thumbnail above to see the bigger version of each drawing.

Dark Rose - drawn 2008
I drew this rose for an art class I was teaching.

I wanted to show the students by using lights/darks and creating the contrast in the rose petals. The shadows only are there when light hits something.

Beautiful Night Sky
This particular piece is made up of mixed media. Spray paint and acrylic paint. I hope you enjoy this piece that I simply call "Night Sky"

Note from Kerry:
Hi Bill
Re Big Point Sable Lighthouse
Lighthouses make a beautiful drawing subject and you have certainly created an enticing piece with this one. The watercolor wash has added a wonderful effect and it must look really stunning in real life.

Re Dark Rose - drawn 2008
This is a beautiful drawing of a rose - I can almost feel the texture of the petals. It's great work.

Re Beautiful Night Sky
This one is my favorite! I love the color and the feel of this piece and the sky is magical.

Edited to add:
Thank you Kerry
by: Bill Richards

Thank you very much for not only putting my drawings up, but also commenting on them as well. It is nice also to see you on Facebook. I hope that some of the techniques that I show is beneficial to some of the beginning students.

The lighthouse is on a 9 x 12 watercolor paper matted in a 11 x 14 frame. It is so different then the other drawings that I have done, at times I ask myself - "Who did that one?" - lol

On the rose. I did that one for the art students that I was teaching at the time, and that rose took me about 2 hours to complete.

On the Night Sky - believe it or not that one took me less then 5 minutes to complete.


I have done "spray-paintings" for years, and working with spray paint - you literally only take seconds to work with it else it dries.

The sky was simply spray painted black first, then a coat of blue, and then at the bottom the final coat of white. Using the spray paint, I could vary the amount of paint used and keep a softer look.

The stars are simply the paint sprayed on a plastic putty knife and speckled on there. The "moon" was simply the can of the spray paint put down first after I created the moon effect by simply spray painting blue and white and using the putty knife to blend it down.

After the background (sky) was painted, it didn't take me very long to literally dab the ground and trees.

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