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Corner Church

by Ricky Davis
(Pretoria North South Africa)

Church on the corner

Church on the corner

Church on the corner
Greek Village

At first I drew the little steeple, that is all I had to begin with. On completion, I found it to be too small, so I made the church bigger. I built a wall around the church and a house for the Minister. Added some trees and clouds.
For another drawing, I placed together four houses and added some aloes and mountains.
For the Greek Village drawing, the temple in the foreground is all I had. I created the Greek Village, the sea and a boat just to show where the clouds and sky meet.

Note from Kerry:
Hi Ricky
I think they all are fascinating and they make very pleasant viewing, thanks Ricky. It's great that you can take something you like from your imagination or a book and then create your own interpretation of a scene. Admirable!

Edited to add comments:

by: paula
hi ricky
loving your drawing, the detail is excellent, welldone xxx

by: Kerry
Hi Ricky
I have added your church drawing so hopefully everything is right now. Just posting here so I can bring it to your attention. Thanks for sending it in.

by: Marty
Hello Ricky:
I love all your detail you put into your awesome artwork.

by: Michael Betz
I love looking at your drawings take us back to an age when buildings were grand spectacles of dwellings. It's almost like looking into a history book....and I myself so love history.......

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