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Learning From Different Art Sites

Fence post drawing

As you learn and grow as an artist, you need different art sites to provide you with more information, depending on the direction your inner muse guides you.

If you get the urge to experiment with various materials and mediums, don't resist, give it a try!

There are so many things to play with once you move on from pencil. These drawing kits sometimes have a wide variety that might help pique your interest.

Oil Painting

In the list below, you'll find some websites that specialize in teaching you how to use oil paints.

Art in tropical Australia.
Jill has loads of information about art classes, galleries and art tours. Hop on over and view Jill's original artwork.

Easy Oil Painting Techniques
Learn how to paint photo realism the easy way! This 400 year old technique will simply amaze you! For Free! Come on give us a click!

Art Projects and Education

Art Projects For Kids
Visit this site to check out the art projects page where you'll find lots of things to inspire you.

It's great fun to investigate these interesting and different art sites.

Arty Blogs

Creative Everyday Blog by Leah. If you want creative ideas, inspiration and pure artistic fun, then this is the place for you!

Update 2017: Leah isn't as active on her blog now but it's worth your while to research old posts for motivation and explore the alternate concepts that she introduces. There are some real pearls in there :) .

The Doodle Daily ~ Warren is a fanatical doodler, he doodles on anything and everything. Pop over and take a look, it's an interesting browse.

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