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Pretty Lighthouse

by Samantha

Pretty Lighthouse

Pretty Lighthouse

I got this picture from one of my fourth grade books which I still have! It was very small and I decided to draw it big. Hope you like.

By the way its in pen. =]

***Note from Kerry:
Hi Samantha, I think it's very well done. I love to draw in ink, as well. I like your drawing.

Edited to add comments:
by: Marty
Hello, Samantha;
I just love lighthouses, they are wonderful and errieeee. I really like the way you expressed yourself in your drawing. Keep up the good artwork.
Warm Regards

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Lindsay's Lighthouse

by Anna Brady

Lindsay's Lighthouse

Lindsay's Lighthouse

My Sister-in-law absolutely loves lighthouses!

So I looked around a bit for a good photo of a one, and drew it for her :)

***Note from Kerry:
Anna, as usual, your drawing is spectacular. This is so very well done, Lindsay will love it. That is such a beautiful gift, you are very thoughtful.

Edited to add comments:

by: Ruby
This picture is just so beautiful! The lighthouse and the river, tress... fabulous job bringing everything in the same picture.. i guess Im too late in posting this comment :(

by: Kerry
Hi Ruby
You are not too late in posting your comment... all comments are welcome at anytime. This is a beautiful drawing and it does warrant a lot of praise. Thank you for stopping by and giving Anna her well-deserved compliment!

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The Old Homestead

by Yvonne Johnson
(Durham, England)

I loved this picture, I had to have a go drawing as much detail as I can, I love detail and would like to become really good at cathedrals ect.

When drawing this scene, I think of the place in its day, the once lively place that's been forgotten, it's history.

***Note from Kerry:
Hi Yvonne, I understand why you loved this, it has instant appeal, doesn't it? We must have the same tastes, I have enjoyed all of your drawings so far. Good work!

Edited to add comments:

by: Marty
Hello Yvonne:
Wow what a great drawing.
Now I would love to take a metal detector there and see what treasure I could find.
This is a great piece of artwork and I love it.
Kindly and P.S. I'll be on the look out for more.

by: Arish John Andrews
Hello Yvonne,
This is very nice and the detailing is superb.keep going

by: rachel
Hey Yvonne, this is really great! I would love to see a drawing of a cathedral from you in this style, it would be really beautiful. I really like your drawing style.

by: Anonymous
Very well done Yvonne! When I look at it I want to walk up to the front door with a plate of cookies and knock to see who answers. I imagine a kindly old lady who likes to garden and is very welcoming. Nice job of invoking this kind of feeling in me! Thank you!

by: Michael Betz
Oh man, the detail work that would go into something like that......whoa!! God bless ya...waaaayyyyy mnore patience than I could ever have....your homestead here is magnificent! It does have an appeal to it...simple, yet very much striking......great job!!

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Castle Drawing

by Bea

Castle in Slovakia

Castle in Slovakia

This is a beautiful drawing of a castle in Slovakia, I donĀ“t remember exactly its name, but I think it doesn't matter.

***Note from Kerry:
Hi Bea
You're right, it doesn't matter what the name is, you are the artist and you can give it whatever name you like! I have to tell you that I love your drawing, it appeals to me. Thank you for sharing it.

Edited to add comments:

by: Michael Betz
It very much does matter little kidding. Don't take me too seiously, most of the time anyhow. I'm just a bit "cheeky"...hehe. You did a fantastic job on this. Very patient aren't you? I was wondering...what pencils did you use, and on what paper. Also how long did it take you? Enquiring minds want to (for our pond mates, that is an old commercial for a "scandal rag" called The National Enquirer)

by: Martin Hamilton
Hello Bea:
Wow and a double Wow.
If you look at the highest castle or building on the left, you will notice that the castle sits atop a face with popped out eyes or bug eyes.
Also to the far left you can also see two other faces in the rocks or mountain face. Also in about the middle the rocks form a rabbit.
I am sure if I would study this great drawing some more that I could find a lot more. I love looking for oddies it is quite fun.

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Solitary House

by Salil
(Pune, India)

Solitary house in the mountains

Solitary house in the mountains

Again a drawing I tried to copy from an online one. This one was a bit less taxing on my minimal shading skills :)..

I hope to put more detail in my future nature drawings.


***Note from Kerry:
Hi Salil,
It is beautiful just the way it is! I like the minimal amount of shading, it makes the drawing endearing with your uniqueness. I'd be very proud if I did this, good job Salil, I love your drawing style.

Edited to add comments:

by: Michael Betz
Minimal shading skills?? Your shading is excellent, don't cut yourself have, in my opinion, a much better than "minimal" shading skills. Very well done!

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Old Barn

by Jo Guy
(North Carolina)

I drew this old barn from memory while sitting in a meeting.

***Note from Kerry:
Your drawing is just great, Jo, well done! Your lines are crisp and appealing, I like it.

Edited to add comments:

by: FiiD
A awesome drawing realistic, :)

by: Arish
Hai Jo,
This is superb and superb and beautiful drawing.Your drawing is great and OLD BARN is just out of words.keep going.
Waiting to see mor art works.

by: Jo
Thank you for all of the great comments. I am a self taught graphite artist and started about two years ago. Absolutely love drawing with graphite. Sat through six hours of meetings (where I was taking the minutes) and yes I did pay attention. Thanks.

by: Marty
Hello Jo Guy:
I love your old barn. The old battered roof, the trees and everything here in your drawing.
An awesome piece of artwork Jo.
I would love to seemore of your art.

by: Cindy
Great work!
Nice job Jo!! I'd say it must have been a really boring meeting eh?!

by: Michael Betz
This is excellent work. I agree with kerry, very crisp clean lines. You didn't get in trouble for not paying attention to the meeting?? attending those meetings, this is almost perfect.....

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