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Bridge in England

by Vegar J

Palladian Bridge

Palladian Bridge

Palladian Bridge

This is actually a Palladian Bridge, but I simplified it. I almost gave up when I started drawing because it looked weird. But I always try to finish what I start so I continued and it started to look better after a while.

I was kind of surprised when I was done so now it is placed safely in a frame. I'm going to sign it up for a talent competition.

Note from Kerry:

Hi Vegar,
I am also very pleased that you persisted - look at what you have achieved! It's fantastic! The negative version was good to see too, it makes different things stand out and overall I have completely enjoyed this viewing. Good luck with your competition!

I hope your story provides the encouragement to all artists to finish their drawings, the proof is in the pudding (as the saying goes).

Edited to add comments:
by: Michael Betz
Vegar...this is a great piece. I love the way you have such vibrant values and tones. The composition of the layout as a whole is very nicely done. Excellent work my friend!

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The forest at night

by Vegar J
(Oslo, Norway)

Black and white

Black and white

Black and white
Outside the forest at night

Theodor Kittelsen is my biggest inspiration. So I decided to draw something similar to his style only using a pencil. It is a bit unclear.

But as you can see. It is a man half sleeping in front of a fire. He does not see the huge creature coming up behind him.

***Note from Kerry:
Hi Vegar
I love your drawing! The creature is fantastic, the effect very well done. Thanks for showing it, I've enjoyed it.

The black and white version is the more striking of the 2 - I don't know whether it was just the scanning that colored it or whether you've done it in color?

Edited to add comments:

by: Michael Betz
I love your style and technique! This is a fantastic piece! It has a very dark style and it is done great! Ok, now you have my attention....I'll be looking for more.

by: Cindy
The Forest at Night
Vegar-this is really good! You never know what's lurking in the forest at night huh?! Especially when you're sitting next to a warm fire and your eyes are focused on the fire and not the darkness around you! Looks kind of like the "BigFoot" monster coming out of the woods! It'a a fun drawing!

by: Marty
Hello Vegar J.
I like both of them. The colored one looks like has more or closer detail. In the colored one the monster has better facial values. I like them both and I think they are awesome.

by: Nicki
I love it! It's really detailed and has lots of shading (which I try to do)

by: Vegar J
Thanks for the comments. It's fun to hear that people like it :)

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