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Your Nature Drawings

All the nature drawings in this space were contributed by guest artists so they could receive constructive feedback or simply to show it off.

Fence and Flowers Drawing

There is actually a goldmine of information for beginner artists here, to help with progress and improvement.

You are welcome to browse through a good variety of nature drawings created by some generous and caring artists.

All artists who showed their work were encouraged to reveal ideas that were unique to them, and to show artwork that incorporated their personal style and effects.

In case you hadn't guessed, the whole theme of this space was to share and grow.

Unfortunately, the opportunity to send in new drawings is no longer available but you are now very welcome to join in and share your artwork on our All About Drawings Facebook page.

Drawing A House

This drawing was sent in by another regular artist named Salil from India.

Salil admits this is a drawing that she copied from an image she liked online. It is ok for her to copy because she is not trying to sell it or claim it as her own creation.

Not only is it worthwhile studying each artist's style but it also gives us ideas on what we would like to draw next.

I am learning to draw, just like you, but my progress is really slow.

That doesn't worry me because I always feel excited about the fact that I can draw and it's only a matter of time before I can dedicate myself to practicing and achieving my goals.

I give thanks to all the artists who sent in their work because I became encouraged, too! All things are possible, if only we try.

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Drawings From You

Click below to see everyone's nature drawings...

Artwork by Bill 
Big Point Sable Lighthouse Using Pen mostly, and then going over with a light watercolor wash - I really enjoy the softness of this piece. (The original …

New Nature Sketches 
Click each image to see the larger version An Old Hand - A New Beginning I purchased your book Kerry, and I find it invaluable. I have started …

A Rose Drawing In Pencil 
I used to enjoy sketching as a hobby while in school, though never received any formal training. After a long hiatus, I want to revive my interest again. …

Some Flower Drawings 
These narcissus are named after a Greek/(Roman) man who spent so much time admiring himself that he was turned into a flower. I was learning how to …

Drawings of Mountains 
Click one image to enlarge it for better viewing. This is a sketch of a mountain scene I created messing around with reflections. I used Irfanview …

Corner Church 
At first I drew the little steeple, that is all I had to begin with. On completion, I found it to be too small, so I made the church bigger. I built …

More landscapes 
I did these 2 today, the first one is just of a relaxing view of a summers day. The second is one of a dad, child and dog watching the skies over the …

I did these drawings after I was inspired by Kerry to do more landscapes. Note from Kerry : Hi Betsy So, how did you feel producing these? …

Sun Drawings 
I don't usually do alot of landscapes, but i saw this picture in a photo magazine and decided to make the sun beam thru the clouds i added. Note …

Landscape Drawings by Sharon 
Landscapes can be challenging, because your outlay of your drawing makes/breaks your end-result! I prefer to omit some of the foliage in order to bring …

Interesting Drawings by Vegar 
This is actually a Palladian Bridge, but I simplified it. I almost gave up when I started drawing because it looked weird. But I always try to finish what …

Drawings of Flowers 
Hi again! I saw this in the garden and thought of sketching it! I tried this with colors too but i liked this one more. ***Note from Kerry: Hi Sushree …

Mountain and River Drawings 
This is a drawing I did on a conference room white board using a dry erase marker. It was interesting to work with the dry erase markers as you more or …

Old bridge 
I seem to remember copying this drawing from this site. This was my first drawing which required a lot of details in the shading. A bit disproportionate …

Wilderness Drawings 
(Click on the smaller image to move it to the top in a larger view.) Hi, I have been using alot of my drawings for my computer desktop backgrounds. …

Drawing Roses 
This is my first pencil drawing. ***Note from Kerry: Hi Helen, Your drawing is beautiful, very amazing for a first try with pencil. It would …

Sad Story of Trees 
Click a thumbnail to see individual drawings. This is a drawing I did of a cute bird sitting on a branch of a cut tree. By Ashwini R Nadager,Lecturer,PESIT …

Drawings of Trees 
This is a pencil drawing that I drew last Spring. I love playing around with drawing trees. There was no real forethought...just started drawing a palm …

Gorgeous Flowers In Pencil 
I was looking at flower arrangements on the internet to help a friend with her up coming wedding, when I came across a picture of this beautiful cluster …

Nature Drawings by Jeff 
This is a quick doodle I did using a black sharpie. No erasing allowed. I have never been to Yosemite but I have seen pictures and tried to implement …

Drawing Nature by Russell 
Well, I have posted my Dead Tree drawing and I thought I'd show you another flower that I drew. I seem to like drawing flowers and trees but I hope …

Drawing Pictures of Nature 
Graphite on A5 paper. Another first attempt. No where in particular, I drew this to remind me of lovely cold winter walks with my old Lab - sadly no …

Selection of Nature Drawing 
This is one of my first flower drawings, I got a little lazy when it came to the leaves, but I am just learning. ***Note from Kerry: I remember doing …

Drawings of Buildings 
I got this picture from one of my fourth grade books which I still have! It was very small and I decided to draw it big. Hope you like. By the way

Black and White Landscapes 
This drawing was made by charcoal pencils and was my first charcoal drawing. ***Note from Kerry: Wow Selvina, it's very good for your first time with …

Beach Drawings 
This is my pencil drawing of driftwood on the beach and some gulls. ***Note from Kerry: Hi Penny, so did you take a photo to draw this from, or did …

Nature Drawings In Color 
I was walking in the mountains and sketched this picture but I made some changes in it by making the mountains taller and the trail wider. I do not …

Pencil Drawings of Nature 
I bought myself a pocket sized sketch book a good five months ago, but up to very recently, I didn't draw anything in it. Silly really - but I was afraid …

Drawings of Delicate Flowers 
I picked a long twig of honeysuckle from my garden. I propped it up outside and began to sketch it. I used a sketch pad and an Artline .4 felt tip pen …

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