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New Nature Sketches

by Dale
(Perth, Australia)

Dead Tree in ink. Saw this, took a photo and then sketched.

Dead Tree in ink. Saw this, took a photo and then sketched.

Dead Tree in ink. Saw this, took a photo and then sketched.
This was from your site and after I sketched it I painted it on a large canvas.
This turned out quite good, I think.
Jessie, 14 years old, this took me around 5 minutes.

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An Old Hand - A New Beginning

I purchased your book Kerry, and I find it invaluable. I have started sketching again!

I have been drawing since I was around 11 years old (?) but never sketched as such. I like the new ideas etc, even though I haven't read the whole lot yet.

I also like the simplicity of the book. It is very easy to read and follow. I have tried a few of your sketches and a couple of my own.

Many thanks for opening up another avenue for me to pursue. I am having so much fun.

I did two of these since getting your book and the black tree was something I saw when I was out and about. I saw it, walked around it and then drew it. I finished it off in black ink.

A friend was so impressed I gave it to her, but not before I took a photo so I could upload it.

I joined a 'club' here in Perth and have my first 'visit' tonight. I am looking forward to it immensely.
Yours in drawing.

Note from Kerry:
Hi Dale
I am very honored that you purchased my book, thank you very much. I hope you enjoy it and get a lot of benefit by it.

I just love your artwork here! The dead tree drawing in ink is spectacular - those kinds of drawings always appeal to me and I think you've done a terrific job with it.

It is very clever thinking to take a photo of your artwork before you gave it away. I hardly ever remember to do that and it frustrates me!

For sketch number two, I was quite proud you found it attractive enough to copy and I am drawn to it all over again. You've done it justice, most certainly.

For artwork number three, I'm not sure how you've done that. Did you use black paper with white crayon or paint? It's really attractive and you are right, it did turn out very good. People would pay to hang that in their homes!

The quick sketch of Jessie is excellent, too. Again, I think that work is very appealing. I never knew that sketching could feel so different to drawing. The real benefit is how quickly we finish them and the subject is recognizable on paper. (Well, in most cases - for me!)

How's your new drawing club? I'm very interested to hear what you think.

Thanks Dale, for sending in such an interesting page with a terrific story - you made my job so much easier by giving me a helping hand. I appreciate it very much.

Edited to add:

by: Dale
Hello Kerry,
The white flower on black background was quite a challenge. I messed up the original painting on this canvas so painted the whole thing over in black acrylic. Then free hand painted the white over the top using your sketch. It took about 4 coats to get the sharpness and contrast of the white. I was very happy with the end result.
Thank you for your kind and encouraging words.

by: Dale
Drawing Club
Hi Kerry,
The drawing club was very good. It was more a monthly meeting with a guest artist. She was brilliant and did all her work in Pastels. She had photo's of all her work and she did a demonstration as well. The people were very friendly and I think I will pay my membership early in the new year. I have learned so much from from your site and also from one other who contributes here. Bill Richards has given me some good tips on sketching and drawing.
Yours in Drawing,

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