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Old bridge

by Salil
(Pune, India)

Old bridge rebuilt :)

Old bridge rebuilt :)

I seem to remember copying this drawing from this site.

This was my first drawing which required a lot of details in the shading. A bit disproportionate compared to the original one but I think a fair job none the less :)

***Note from Kerry:
Hi Salil
It makes me very happy to see you have copied the bridge. Thanks for showing your version -- I am quite impressed.

You can find the original picture on this page about Drawing Critiques.

Edited to add comments:

by: Michael Betz
Look out....
Move over Norman Rockwell....there is a new artist in town. Very nice work...well done.

by: Marty
Hello Salil:
I have to agree with Michael on this one.
I went and looked at the other drawings of this old bridge and I think you done a great job on it.
In fact I kinda like your a little more because it is like raw.
Well it is just awesome the way you done the lod bridge.
I just like your better. I love to study art like this and I try to get into the artist mind to see how they draw the way they do.
This is an amazing piece of artwork.

by: Barton
Hi Salil.
you did a awsome drawing of this old bridge. I also tried to draw this old bridge but I diden't feel it was good enough to send in.
Keep up the great work.
Best wishes.

by: Tunis
I really love this drawing, very well done.keep up the good work.

by: Salil
Thank you all for the encouraging comments.

@Barton - I used to think too that I shouldn't send in drawings which I am unsatisfied with. But I realised that people do like those drawings even if we are unsatisfied with that drawing. The encouraging comments for our drawing enables us to do much better in our next one.
I think that being unsatisfied with one's work is a true sign of an aspiring artist as each consecutive drawing is going to be better than the previous one.

@Kerry - I had a thought which most probably isn't practical but I wanted to share it anyway. It would interesting if people could give some information regarding the techniques, materials and the hours they put in for drawings they submit. This will probably help people improve their drawings at a faster rate. The hours put in will help us realise that patience is a must if we want good drawings.


by: Kerry
Hi Salil,
I would absolutely LOVE it if artists would give more detail when they submit their work. That's why I ask for more than one line in a story, to encourage them to write about:

why they drew it in the first place,
how long it took,
the materials and mediums etc etc.
There is so much to tell with every drawing and I love to hear all about it. It's like I have this thirst that I can't quench, heh.

by: Michael Betz
I too think that is a great idea. I will start doing that in my future submissions.

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