Palm Tree Drawings

Are you interested in learning how to produce palm tree drawings in the easiest fashion? I know these images are achievable because I successfully (I think) drew them after only one year of teaching myself to draw.

If you want a simple palm tree drawing that is already done and waiting just for you, then you are welcome to use my images for your personal use.

Royal Palm Tree Drawing

This is a drawing of a royal palm tree which has a different trunk to most. A type of brown fibre grows at the join near the top.

Here is my version of an outline of a palm tree for you to copy - I did a couple of quick sketches like this to get into the "feel" of this tree.

Palm Tree Outline

The outline doesn't look very grand but it is sparse on purpose, to show the basic way to draw the tree.

Observe that it consists only of the trunk and the leaves -- it soon becomes obvious that palm tree drawing is an easy subject for all beginner artists to tackle!

When you draw the leaves at the top of the palm tree, visualize how the leaves would fall from each branch. The leaves on the uppermost part of the branch would be barely visible so you draw the strokes almost parallel with the stem - this gives the illusion the leaves are falling downward.

All About Palm Trees

Palm Tree Drawing

The majority of palms grow straight and tall with a single trunk.

This drawing on the left is a coconut tree drawing and it illustrates the fact that they don't always grow straight up from the ground.

You will also find some palms with several trunks growing from the same roots.

The thickness of the trunk varies with all the different types of palms.

The branches don't generally grow from the trunk - most of them are clustered at the top.

Different palms also bear fruit with the most common fruits being dates and coconuts.

Palms are mainly tropical trees and they can grow to 100 feet or 30 meters high. The majority of palms have large leaves and no branches.

We use palm tree products for lots of things, ranging from cooking, to soaps, to furniture. It's a very versatile plant.

I love the look of palm trees, maybe because they remind me of exotic places.
Coconut Drawing

This is a drawing of a coconut still in its outer casing, called the husk.

In my reference book, I found a good clear picture of this coconut and drew it freehand. Seriously, this is such fun but kinda sad that we waste many years telling ourselves we can't draw.

My job is to show you that anyone can draw and once you decide that you can do this too, you will be a good hobby artist.

Every one of us has a different drawing style and you will do well to keep your unique flair rather than try to change it.

How to draw a Palm Tree

Palm Tree Drawings

Here is my palm tree drawing that I completed after sketching in the basic outline lightly.

The first thing you notice is that it is a little different to the original outline - this is called artistic licence, where we are free to change a drawing to however we want it to look.

Start by drawing all the leaves at the top center of the trunk, to create the density of the leaves.

I also made the trunk thinner towards the top.

When you draw a palm tree, don't worry if the lines of the trunk aren't perfectly straight because most trees have lumps and bumps - these bumps help to give a more natural look.

After one year of copying all sorts of different topics, I find that drawing is a lot easier and it surprises me daily.

These palm tree drawings were a breeze and they didn't take much time to produce. I am telling you this because I never thought I could draw anything.

This video shows another simple way on how to draw a palm tree.

You are never too old to start drawing! It is a skill to be learned, not a talent that you are born with.

Once you become interested in drawing, you notice that you start to see things differently and life takes on a whole new perspective.

Kick off your art classes and copy these pencil drawings of palm trees. When you master how to draw one tree, start experimenting and draw something like a grove of palm trees.

Have you remembered to put a date on your palm tree drawings? This is important, and you use it mainly to observe how much you improve over a period of time.

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Finally, a book that dispels the mystery of sketching!

Each of us has the ability to draw
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Hello, I just wanted to let you know I was making a board game and needed to make tiles for it.
I wanted palm trees, so I skimmed over your page on how to draw a palmtree and in less then 5 minutes, I was drawing them on my game tiles, and I'm happy with the results.
Thank you so much for taking the time to setup your site!.

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