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Sad Story of Trees

by Ashwini

Sad Story of Trees

Sad Story of Trees

Sad Story of Trees

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This is a drawing I did of a cute bird sitting on a branch of a cut tree.

By Ashwini R Nadager,Lecturer,PESIT Eng. College.

This is just a simple sketch of a lovely girl!!

I tried to do this in a short span of time of around 15mins using just an ordinary pencil.

Note from Kerry:
Ashwini, your drawing is beautiful.

It would be great if you could write more than one line please Ashwini, just to keep within submission rules.

Hi again Ashwini
Your drawing of a girl turned out really well - I admire your anime-style, too.

I love that exercise, to try to draw within a short time frame. It's fun plus it always give me a surprise to see what I can produce in the limited time. You must have been really pleased with this one, I think it's great!

I have added your new drawing to an existing page of yours because a story has to contain a good amount of words otherwise my site gets penalized and I'm doing my best to avoid that.

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