Tree Drawings

Trees come in all shapes and sizes and you can produce your tree drawings to demonstrate their individual characteristics.

This is a cypress tree which is a needleleaf evergreen. This particular tree has been blown so constantly by the wind that it has grown with the way of the wind.

Cypress Tree Drawing

I knew as soon as I saw the picture of this tree that I had to draw it. It's like a compulsion that an artist has to follow.

Again, this was a drawing that I completed in about my first year of drawing so it's not one that you would study and learn from. However, it is a simple tree drawing and one that you can easily copy and get a good image appearing on your paper!

I love observing trees, they just have so much character. Actually, trees can teach us a lesson about weathering a storm, we only need to bend a little to accept change of any description.

Trees are the largest of all plants and they are the oldest known living things.

There are two main types of trees - Evergreen and Deciduous. Evergreens don't lose their leaves in autumn whereas the deciduous do.

Evergreen Trees

Pine Tree Drawing

An evergreen tree retains some or all of its leaves throughout the year.

This is a balsam fir, also a needleleaf evergreen. The ground under these firs is just littered with pine needles.

Most conifers are evergreens.

Conifers are needleleaf trees such as pines, firs, hemlocks, redwood and spruces.

Evergreen trees are also known as softwood.

Needleleaf forests grow mainly in regions that have long cold winters.

Deciduous Trees

Oak Tree Drawing

Deciduous means temporary or tending to fall off.

It is the word used to describe a tree that loses all its leaves at some time during the year. These leaves are flat.

Broadleaf trees like elms, ashes, oaks, maples, willow, to name a few, are deciduous.

They are known as hardwood.

This drawing is a common oak in the fall.

Broadleaf forests grow in regions that have plentiful rainfall.

To this day, I love drawing trees just like this one because it is a forgiving subject. Only you know if you have made a mistake but the actual drawing is attractive, no matter what.

More About Trees

The crown of the tree, which is above the ground, consists of the trunk, branches, twigs and leaves.

Tree Drawing

The roots are below the ground and they are the fastest growing part of a tree as well as support the tree and act like an anchor.

The roots draw in water and the water then travels up to the trunk and to the leaves.

When a tree is cut, you see a series of rings in the wood. Each ring represents one year of growth. You can count the rings to determine the age of the tree. So, for as long as a tree grows, it becomes thicker each year.

Drawing Trees

I felt that these tree drawings were fairly staightforward because mistakes are not easily detected.

At the time I drew these trees, I was a very new artist but I wasn't scared to try drawing different subjects. I had decided not to show my work to anyone unless I was confident it was reasonable. With this midset, I had nothing to lose!

Master artists will tell you not to individually draw the leaves when you are wanting to draw a whole tree. The only time you would detail a leaf is when you do a dedicated study. In the case of a tree some distance away, you only need to give the perception of leaves.

If you want to draw a tree quickly, do the leaves with the side of the pencil like I did in the drawing above. Thumbnail Drawing of a Tree

Doing drawings of trees is simple yet the finished outcome looks as though they are complicated.

This small thumbnail tree drawing took minutes to complete yet it ranks as one of my favorite drawings.

Decide what type of tree you wish to draw and figure out the basic shape of that tree along with the shape of the foliage. Then you decide what sort of strokes to use to portray those leaves. As an example, you use spikey strokes for Needleleaf trees.

The more you practice tree drawings, the easier it becomes. For extra practice, draw trees as you doodle while listening to someone, waiting around and so on. Grab every opportunity that you can to draw!

It's only a series of scribbled lines that make a good grove of trees in a landscape drawing.

For more information, visit Ivan's website to see an easy step by step process for drawing different kinds of trees. Tree Sketch

I did this shady tree drawing here on my lap to show you a sketch done in no time. (That was done in my first year of learning to draw.)

No thought has gone into it but you do recognize it's a tree. (I hope!)

If you consistently draw, a subject like trees will flow from your pencil quite easily. It's amazing how much you learn as you continue to draw.

I can see by looking at these old tree drawings that I know a lot more now than I did when I first started drawing. I can spot lots of errors but that's not the game I'm playing here. I just want to show you that anything is possible if you only try.

If you want to teach yourself to draw then it is up to you to make it happen -- it is very attainable.

Remember, your art can't be criticized, it comes from within. If you like it, well, that's the main thing!

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