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Cool Car Drawings

When I decided to create some cool car drawings, I didn't realize how much concentration was involved. That's another thing I love about this hobby, it's full of surprises and sure keeps me on my toes!

Sports Car Drawing

I need a lot more practice but I'm happy to admit and accept that.

I notice that my first effort with this sporty model is in need of a little more work, so it's back to the practice board for me.

Perspective comes into play here because the subject is viewed from an angle.

For anyone beginning to draw, I suggest going with a straight side-on view which eliminates most of the tricky perspective. The pick-up truck below was much easier to produce for that very reason.

So far, I haven't practiced much with perspective because it is quite daunting as a beginner artist. I am content to wait until it starts to make more sense in good time.

It's obvious to see that I haven't used a ruler in any of these images but it doesn't matter if you prefer to use one, always go with whatever works best for you.

Pick Up Truck Drawing

Helpful Hints

  • Make sure you are comfortable when you draw.
  • Try to move only your eyes and not your head when you move between the picture and your paper.
  • Spend more time studying the picture you are copying rather than focusing too much on your work.
VW Drawing

I confess that I have done a terrible job on the tyres of the VW but I'm going to pretend the general drawing is acceptable. I will get around to doing another one, one of these days!

I show it here because it's not a bad thing to have failures. This is how we learn what not to do next time.

On the main car drawings page, you'll see my very first illustration of an old model VW.

This one here is a 2003 model and it has the same cute shape that we are familiar with.

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The How To Sketch Guide

Here's a book that finally dispels the mystery of sketching!

Tree Sketch

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Draw Everything You See

Over time, my artwork has improved because I am continuously practicing and illustrating everything around me.

4WD Wagon Drawing

The last of my selection of cool car drawings is a 4wd wagon which is a great vehicle for anyone living in the country.

Drawing cars is not an easy project to take on if you are just beginning to draw although it certainly doesn't hurt you to experiment.

I found it helped to go around the outside of the car on my reference picture with a thick pen because it wasn't a clear picture and the darker outline gave more clarity to shapes and angles.

Then I copied straight from the thicker pen outline by placing light strokes on my paper. By doing the initial outline lightly, it is easier to erase mistakes without damaging the paper.

Of course, if you prefer, you can trace the outline to get the same sort of assistance.

The lesson I learned was to ensure I have a good clear picture to copy and to depict a straight side-on view to make the whole experience easier.

When you set out to create cool car drawings, don't get frustrated if you don't get good results immediately. Remember that awkwardness disappears with consistent practice.

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