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A Lesson In Perspective

by Michael Betz
(Las Vegas)

Basic rules

Basic rules

Basic rules
Common error and fix
The lamp table and pool

Click on each image to enlarge it for viewing.

OK...this is for the perspective thing I promised Sue...

Every drawing or painting that we do, has a horizon line... an imaginary line that is the eye level if the viewer was actually standing in front of your subject...
In the middle of that imaginary line is a vanishing point...everything in your drawing emanates out of or disappears into that vanishing point...

Everything is bigger, wider, taller, the closer to the viewer they are, smaller thinner, and shorter the closer to the vanishing point they get....this is a basic rule of sight....

Sue, I hope you don't mind, but I took the liberty of sketching your drawings for examples....
the sides of the hainted lamp should be angled to indicate the depth of the table top... as well as the connecting points on the lamp are drawn as ellipses to indicate the roundness of the lamp...
On the pool one, depth has been added to the wall posts. The rock area, and pool sides are angled to the vanishing point... the circles on the pool detail have been drawn as ellipses to indicate the distortion of being viewed at an angle......

I hope this helps, if not, let me know and I will see if I can put together a more in depth one and mail it to you....

Note from Kerry:
Hi Michael,
Wow, you are so lovely to do this for Sue - I am overwhelmed by your generosity of time and spirit to help.

Unfortunately, my site program for "Your Space" automatically crops images to 400 wide (with the aspect ratio preserved) and that has made your notes very hard to see. I am so sorry!

I did add a border to the images in the hope it makes each one stand out a bit more.

Today is your big day in surgery to have your torn rotator cuff fixed - we are thinking of you and hope it all goes to plan. xx

Thanks so much for sending this in, I am sure Sue will not be the only one who benefits.

Comments for A Lesson In Perspective

Apr 13, 2011


by: Sue from Tennessee

Wow! Michael. This is fantastic! Thank you so much and thank you Kerry for fixing it so that is can be shown so that I can download. Wow again.

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