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Cartoon Emu

It takes courage for trainee artists to ask a drawing question so I'm kind of overwhelmed with your thoughtful, insightful inquiries - thank you.

If you have a problem and you can't find your answer in the Drawing FAQ then someone may well have had a similar type of query here.

Click to look at the variety of questions or simply scroll down the page to find them. Some questions had me stumped but other friendly artists came to the rescue and offered some great advice or assistance.

One of the most common dilemmas when you ask a drawing question is about which techniques to use to obtain special effects. This is why I love to draw -- there are so many different ways to illustrate one object!

I encourage all artists to experiment because that is when you learn the most valuable lessons and you're not likely to forget them in a hurry. It's just like being an explorer and, you never know, the ideas you have may well be passed on for years. Be bold and throw caution to the wind to find what suits you the best.

When you look for fresh ideas, it's an interesting exercise to browse through different works of art to find something that just might stimulate your own imagination. There's a wide variety of drawing categories listed on the main page for "Your Space".

I'm very grateful to all the guest artists who generously shared their time and offered good, helpful suggestions, thank you.

While Your Space is no longer active on this website, you are welcome to ask questions or share your work on the All About Drawings Facebook page.

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Custom Images 
I am wondering if you would be a able to design a custom image for me? If so please email me back asap? ANSWER FROM KERRY: I am sorry to …

Faded drawings 
Hello, I've a lot of pencil drawings that I did too many years ago .... I've noticed that now they have become faded and don't look good as when …

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