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Faded drawings

by Mouaa


I've a lot of pencil drawings that I did too many years ago .... I've noticed that now they have become faded and don't look good as when I drew them in the past .

I'm wondering if you could tell me any good way to keep my pencil drawings look new ...I mean is there any spray, for example, to use on them?

I hope you 'll answer me soon.


Hi Mouaa,

There is a spray fixative that you can buy from all Art Supply Stores. Different artists like different brands so it's a matter of experimenting with which one you prefer.

Also, I have heard that you can use hair spray as a cheaper alternative to the Art Fixative but you must be careful to buy one that doesn't have alcohol in it. If it does, it will turn your drawings yellow.

It's generally recommended that you spray your work as soon as it is finished. I haven't sprayed any of mine yet -- maybe because I'm too chicken to declare them finished!

I hope you can save your wonderful drawings, Mouaa.

Thank you very much for sending in your question.

Everyone is welcome to comment here with their preferred fixative brand - that way we can get an idea which one is the best.

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