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by Briana
(United States)

I often have trouble with shading. for example, when I'm drawing human noses, I have trouble with where to shade and what consistency.

Can you help me?

Answer From Kerry:

Hi Briana
A good trick is to squint, to see where shading is needed. By squinting our eyes, we narrow down our vision which makes it easier to observe shade and shadows.

Read more about shading here:
Light and Shade

To help identify shades of grey when copying from pictures:
Black and White Drawings

Using a blending stump is great for portrait drawing:
Drawing Supplies

Another easy technique to use for shading:

If anyone else has a great idea to help Briana, please feel welcome to add your thoughts here.

Comments for Shading

Jun 24, 2010
by: Michael Betz

Wow Marty is quiet the library of info...that is awesome! Yes, shading really brings the drawing to life. It is shding and blending that adds the 3D illusion to your drawings. I do similar to Marty; whatever part needs shaded, I will draw a line that is a little darker, but then I use Tortillons (blending sticks)to create the softer shadow effect. But, whatever question you may have, this IS the website to ask it at......

Jun 24, 2010

Hi, Briana;
Are you working from a photograph, or a live model? I (almost) always work from a photo, and I use stippling. One very effective method for divorcing yourself from the analysis of a drawing, is to turn the photo upside down, and draw the image upside down also. This lets you look at an image without getting hung up on the details, the shading is just a darker area. This is NOT recommended for a live model, though! You can take a look at some of my portraits to see how they look using stippling, such as "Marilyn," I hope this helps.

Jun 24, 2010
by: Marty

Hello Briana:

Well I'm sure you will receive a lot of help from the other artist on this fantastic website. Now Kerry will never lead you wrong and she will offer you sound advice and give you all the help she can.

But here's my two cents worth.

Example=Pencil, If I use a pencil to draw and I want to add some shading I will make the shading area a little darker with the pencil and then I use will take my finger and touch it to my tongue and smuge it a little or I'll use tissue and do it.

Warm Regards


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