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Rooster Drawings

Take a look at these rooster drawings that I produced in my third year of teaching myself to draw.

Rooster Drawing

I did have some failures but I continued to draw the rooster until I could produce something that resembled it.

Whenever you look at a drawing, observe the construction lines and see if it looks like something you would like to create. Simplify the lines in your head and then draw your version.

If you have the faith that you can draw this or any subject, then I am certain you can draw anything as well.

Your mind dictates what you can or can't do so make sure you are dedicated to the task at hand.

I am here to wish you well and to see you succeed!

In the drawing below, initially I wanted to see if I could draw a successful outline of a rooster, but excitement took over once I saw a good image taking shape.

Pencil Drawing Of A Rooster

Now as I gaze at my completed work, it may look complicated but really, it wasn't any trouble to draw. In hindsight, I wish I had added shadow on the ground, it's one of my failings.

My family are my fan club so they generously disregard mistakes and this particular rooster drawing was voted their most favorite.

About Roosters

Prior to creating some drawings of roosters, here is some information you might like to know beforehand.

  • A chicken is a hen or a rooster.
  • Chickens are different with a comb on top of their heads and wattles that hang from their beaks and earlobes.
  • Combs and wattles are normally red in color and have a fleshy appearance. Combs vary in shape and size.
  • Male chickens have bony growths called spurs on their legs.

A rooster or a cockerel is the male chicken -- a cockerel is a youngster.

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Drawing Of A Rooster Head

The rooster guards nesting hens from his lookout which is about 4 feet off the ground and he doesn't like other roosters coming into his territory.

A Capon is a castrated rooster and once castrated, a rooster's comb and wattles stop growing.

The hackle, tail and saddle feathers grow longer than normal. The hackle is the neck and the saddle is on the back near the tail.

A Capon is more docile than a rooster and is not known to fight.

Cockerels crow at the first sight of light.

The Rooster is also a sign in the Chinese Zodiac. Anyone born under this sign is said to have a strong, independent spirit as well as being practical, resourceful, honest and observant.

It was great to draw the rooster's head specifically to show off its unusual features. A good clear reference picture really helped me to achieve a fair resemblance for a beginner artist.

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Draw The Rooster

Drawing Of A Rooster

If you're going to do some rooster drawings, keep in mind the information above that helps you portray it in its true form.

You need to know what to include in your drawing to make it authentic and true to life.

I did these pencil drawings of roosters with a 2B mechanical (or retractable) pencil.

It only took me about 2 to 3 hours to create 6 rooster drawings in total. I know they aren't perfect but I'm happy to get these results from my efforts.

I am yet to learn about all different kinds of techniques but I let them find me instead of forcing myself to learn when I am not ready.

I draw because I love it and I like to see what I'm capable of achieving.

If you feel hesitant to draw please give yourself the chance to learn, it is a worthwhile hobby that will keep you company for years.

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