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Your Bird Drawings

Your bird drawings were so spectacular that they earned the right to have this whole section dedicated to them.

If you have a great interest in drawing birds, our guest artists share some interesting drawing tips and show how to achieve fine effects with a pencil. Click to go straight to visitor's drawings.

Eagle Drawing By Michelle

On the left is an eagle drawing done by a guest artist, Michelle from Canada.

Michelle was a regular artist on this site and she submitted some amazing work.

Michelle taught herself to draw in the vicinity of 2008 and most of the drawings that she shared were achieved within two years from that date.

The facility to upload your drawings is no longer available and I'm sorry if you are affected by this.

The good news is that you are very welcome to share your work on the All About Drawings Facebook page -- I hope to see you there!

Thanks to everyone who unselfishly shared their unique drawings as well as helping other artists achieve their goals.

Even though you can no longer show your latest drawings here, all the pre-existing artwork is still on display.

Bird Shapes

To create bird drawings, it sometimes help to visualize the bodies of birds as an oval shape.

Along with the oval body, you can also use a smaller circle or oval for the head, if it suits you. The addition of a tail, beak, eye and legs then gives a general representation of a bird.

It's a good idea to study birds and recognize that they have distinctive features. To give an example, birds of prey are characterised by their hooked beaks and powerful wings. These little observations make a difference to your creation and help you achieve a good likeness.

This is a good place to learn a thing or two from artists who have traveled the road you are about to take, so make yourself at home and enjoy your browsing time here with us.

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See What Other Guests Have Sent In

Click below to see contributions from guest artists...

Lone Heron 
This was drawn from a photograph that I took of a heron on a pond in South Carolina. The background had to be filled in so that I could etch out …

Draw A Bird 
I drew this bird drawing from 1am to 4am this morning. I just had fun with it. I used a 2b and extra black pencil, a kneaded eraser and tortillion …

An Adult Male Warbler 
I think birds are so fascinating. I had fun sketching this little warbler with a regular #2 pencil. Next I used a black gel pen to darken and seal …

Bird Sketch 
Hello Everyone: Here is a sketch that I did on a canvas board with a mechanical pencil. It is a drawing of birds, the bird at the top left is going …

Black and White Bird Drawings 
I like birds.... and this is a friend of mine. She is here to meet you all.... ***Note from Kerry: Jubi, this drawing is gorgeous, it's clean …

Resting Birds 
When going to native place, i saw a group of birds sitting on the tree which inspired me to draw this with my own imagination. I used charcoal pencil …

Colorful Bird Drawings 
I had seen a similar picture of this bird, on the internet in black & white. Its shape and very long tail caught my eye, so I decided to give it a shot. …

Drawings of Eagles 
Hi my name is Tracy . Its been fifteen years at least since i have had the time to sketch or draw anything. As a teenager, i loved to draw and like …

Beautiful Drawings of Birds 
In this piece, i tried to show the ferocity of a would be mother American bald eagle protecting her nest and eggs from the ravenous hunger of a western …

Bird Drawings in Pencil 
I love to draw birds and flowers, normally with coloured pencils. This sketch was copied from one of my four year old daughters colouring books. …

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