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Bird Sketch

by Martin Hamilton
(Fairmount, Indiana-U.S.A.)



Hello Everyone:

Here is a sketch that I did on a canvas board with a mechanical pencil.

It is a drawing of birds, the bird at the top left is going top be a Redbird. The others I am just going to paint in.

A canvas board is what I use to oil paint on. The canvas board is inexpensive. It is a lot cheaper that a canvas to paint on plus with the canvas board I can use any frame to frame it, unlike a canvas you have to use a special frame to hold your painting.

I just wanted to show everyone how I am going to paint the Redbird painting that I am to do for a lady.

When I get it finished I will post it here so you can see the end result.

I used a picture to free hand the birds onto the canvas.

I took the picture with my phone. That is the reason for the brightness. I just wanted to show you how the rough drawing was before I painted it. I will use Acrylic paint to paint it. I can use oil paint over the Acrylic. However you cannot use Acrylic paint over oil paint. Just a little hint for someone just starting to paint.

In other words. By doing the painting with Acrylic paint, if I want to add more texture I can use oil paint over some of the painting to give it more texture which I will do. Plus Acrylic paint dries faster than does the oil paints. I can have an Acrylic painting done and dry in about 2 hours whereas if I just used oil paints it would take two weeks for it to dry.

Let me know how you like it.



***Note from Kerry:
Hi Marty,
This drawing rates up there with one of my favorites. I am disappointed it is going to be painted - oh I know it will look fantastic painted, but truly, this is a beautiful drawing! It is so lovely, good work Marty!

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