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Drawing Anime

by kitty




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Drawing of Hokage
Hokage is another character from naruto. Actually this is his father. He never met him because he died when naruto was just a baby. The reason was he sealed in naruto the nine tailed fox with a ninjitsu which killed him.

Neji is one of the strongest young ninjas in konoha. He has a special power in his eyes which gives him an advantage.

I just love to draw sasuke. I get a very different feeling when i draw him. I try my best to catch his expression.

Nana is a singer. She left her town and went to Tokyo to perform. I like her because she knows what she wants.

Note from Kerry:
Hi Kitty
I hope you don't mind but I merged all 4 of your drawings to make a good page of content. Due to new website rules, each page has to contain good stories or descriptions otherwise I can't upload it. It really puts a restriction on me that I don't like but that's the way of the internet world and I have to accept it.

I'm going to comment on each separate drawing...

Hokage - I love the dash of green in this drawing.

Neji - I like the way you have portrayed Neji doing the bandaging, you're very clever!

Sasuke - When I saw this drawing, I was impressed. The detail is very well done, Kitty.

Nana - This drawing of Nana is way cool! I absolutely love the rose and I really love the way you add just enough color that makes a huge statement.

Thanks for sharing all of these Kitty, I've loved every minute of studying each one.

Edited to add comments:

by: Michael Betz
4 For The Price Of 1...
4 great drawings Kitty....and I always enjoy reading the stories that accompany your drawings. I am not a follower of Naruto, or really any anime for that matter, so to get your descriptions with them, fill us all in so we know whom it is we are looking at. My fav is big surprise there I'm

by: Kerry
I agree with Michael, we really appreciate you telling us about each character, thanks Kitty! Sometimes I worry that you are speaking another language but that's just me being ignorant about anime and its characters. Heh.

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