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Animal Cartoon Drawings

To become skilled at creating animal cartoon drawings, the best idea is to practice as much as you can in your spare time.

Cartoon Elephant

Some options are:

  • use tracing to work out where to add lines
  • copy from others to learn and improve
  • slightly change their styles to create your own

I also find visualizing and converting images to basic shapes helps me while I practice.

In the art of cartooning, it is appropriate to have the minimum amount of lines possible. The fewer you use, the better.

Sketch in your starting outline lightly and keep going over it until you get the shape right.

You can leave the incorrect strokes in until you decide the drawing is finished.

I am a neat freak so I tend to remove stray markings from my illustrations.

Cartooning Tips

I still perceive myself as a student but I'm willing to share all I know so it's gives you a good grounding when you start.

When I'm drawing comic-like animals, I use my lack of skills to my advantage because animal cartoon drawings don't have to be perfect! Animated characters can be what you want them to be and I think this is great for all beginners.

Cartoon Bee Drawings Cartoon Bee Drawing

You can have a lot of fun with bees.

A starting point with animation is to pinpoint the main characteristics of each subject.

So, the main features of a cartoon bee are his pointed tail and the stripes.

So long as you remember to include the distinguishing pecularities of your subject, you will create a successful rendering. The rest of the bee is up to your imagination to exaggerate whatever you like.

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Simple Drawing Tips


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Cartoon Drawings Of Lions

I decided to have a bit of fun in this cartoon lion drawing.

Unfortunately for him, he received a hit on the head so I added some stars and curved strokes to indicate his dizziness. These extra lines give the viewer the impression of what has happened, without words.

These are called action lines.

Experiment and play with these marks - you don't need many to get the effect that you wish to convey.

Cartoon Bug Drawing

Just for more ideas, here are some animated bugs.

Cartoon Bugs

I recognize one as being a cartoon caterpillar.

The other bug is a bit of an enigma which is quite common in a cartoon world. He's just a strange insect!

Start Simple With Animal Cartoon Drawings

Comics add humor to any situation, whether it be politics or general life.

Draw some wild lines that can transform themselves into people and all sorts of things. You'll be amazed at how simple and easy it is.

I'm always going through books to find unembellished pictures and I use my intuition to determine whether I can sketch something quickly since I'm always skating on time :). I was happy to find this cheeky looking horse, it was exactly what I wanted to add to my practice pages!

Cartoon Horse

I quite like this dude.

He might look complex but, if you copy it, you will discover he is really very easy to draw. I should know, I did it and no one was more surprised than me!

These pencil sketches were quick and easy, especially with the aid of my favorite mechanical pencil.

I often prefer to use plain photocopying paper for a lot of my sketches.

So do yourself a favor and don't try to be a perfectionist, just relax and enjoy the whole process of cartooning by experimenting with the animal cartoon drawings shown here. This is the exact process I used to become familiar with my pencils and to find the paper I preferred.

Have fun, experiment, and most of all, keep practicing!

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