Female Elf Drawings

They say variety is the spice of life so it's time to include some female elf drawings in your fantasy storybook.

We all think of elves as being male but how would they continue to exist without the female elf? I don't think they can, so we had better support the cause and do a female elf drawing to show we believe in them.

Female Elf Outline

This is the outline to help you along with your drawing project. I kept the template very basic so you can draw in all the detail you prefer.

Elves are very important to Santa, so let's get together and do some drawings of female elves.

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Female Elf Drawing

In this drawing, I copied the outline and did some very basic shading to give the drawing a finished look. I also added some folds in the clothing here and there.

What Is An Elf?

An elf is a tiny human and apparently full of mischief. In folk stories, elves are described as merry beings who enjoy dancing and singing all night in the meadows.

I guess that means sketching from real life is out? That's alright because we have our imaginations to rely on.

Don't offend an elf because elves have magical powers and they can use their powers to cause misfortune. I guess they have a lot of time to fill in and this allows them the luxury of being naughty sometimes. Female Elf Drawings

Native folk tales describe how elves can lead travellers astray in forests.

When not offended they perform good deeds for us like granting good luck.

These elf drawings are from my imagination and I hope they are similar to the image you have in mind.

You certainly won't find any standard female elf drawings!

How would you draw her? What surroundings do you imagine her to be in? Does she help with building toys? Does she have different duties to the male elf?

The colors of her clothes would more than likely be red and green but you can make it whatever you want.

She might adorn herself with gold bells. Maybe we should be listening out for a tinkling sound at night?

I drew these elves when I had been drawing for about 3 months so I ask forgiveness for the poor quality. I had no clue how to draw a human body so the proportions are not good here.

The reason I show you my fledgling drawings is so you can see that it is very possible to teach ourselves to draw.

As I have said previously, the beauty of fantasy is that we can do drawings of female elves to match our perception from childhood and who can say it is wrong?

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An Art Quote

'Who sees the human face correctly: the photographer, the mirror, or the painter?'
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