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Drawings of Angels

You can use these drawings of angels to adjust and develop into your own idea of how angels appear.

Below I designed what I thought is the easiest angel outline for you (and me!) to practice copying. When we copy, we strengthen our observation skill which is an important factor of being successful.

Angel Outline

When you teach yourself to draw, it's beneficial to search for the most basic pictures to copy. By practicing with simplistic outlines, your confidence and ability grows quickly.

Your success with copying easy drawings then turns into motivation for you to continue practicing and improving.

So, at this stage, rather than trying to depict feathery wings, we simply use straight lines for the time being.

Of course, when you become more adventurous, you need to allow more time to complete an illustration with careful detail.

I had been drawing for only one year at the time I produced these images so there is much improvement ahead for me.

Properly depicting the human body is a challenge all on its own so I'm thinking it's best to allow that skill to evolve with practice and time. :)

Angel Drawing
Butterfly image
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Background Information

An angel is a spiritual being created by God. The term 'Angel' is derived from a Greek word meaning messenger.

  • live in heaven and are messengers between God and humans.
  • sometimes act as a guardian to individuals.
  • are pictured as having a human body with wings.
  • are portrayed as symbols of innocence or virtue and they are immortal.

Fallen angels are rebels who belong to Satan - they did not agree with the nine orders of angels. Archangels have a higher rank.

Keep on Going

Not to be deterred by any failures, I proceeded to produce a drawing of a cherub which is an order of angel.

Cherub Drawing

Hmm, well, I liked doing the pencil drawings of angels but I must say it's not the easiest subject I have tackled so far.

I'll have to keep practicing by using the outline as a guide. Currently, I look and copy to the best of my ability and I am enjoying the artwork I have created so far.

For all images, I used a 2B mechanical pencil on photocopy paper.

Drawing angel wings can be time consuming but it's worth it when you see the results you get. If you follow that link to see the wings, you also see my next attempt at this subject. I hope you think I have improved a little!

Here is another simple outline of an angel that is great to use in all craft projects.

Confidence starts in your mind, don't bother looking for it anywhere else. Just as you can decide whether to be happy or not, you can also decide that you will be a good artist.

Patience and persistence is what you need to create good drawings of angels

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