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Dragon Drawings

Create your own fantasy storybook by using these simple dragon drawings complete with an easy outline to help you along the way.

The template below is a basic guide for you to practice copying and to give you inspiration to design different drawings of dragons.

Dragon Outline

What is a dragon?

Dragons are described as large lizard-like creatures with a long scaly tail and known to breathe fire.

Traditionally, they represent good luck and are believed to repel evil spirits. ... However, I know I wouldn't be feeling too lucky if I was confronted with a fire breathing dragon!

In keeping with the theory of fantasy, you can make dragons appear however you visualize them.

Since I am a beginner, I struggle with drawing from imagination so it's one of my goals that I strive to achieve.

If the dragon is guarding a princess and keeping her prisoner, or guarding treasure, he would surely have a mean face and be breathing fire.

How would you design mythical dragon drawings? Below you can see what I produced from memory alone. Ok, it's not something to frame but at this stage I've only been drawing for just over one year and I'm pretty excited that I created it!

Dragon Drawing
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How To Draw Dragons

It's easier if you draw your basic shape first and consider how you imagine him to look. Is he standing up breathing fire or is he resting?

I like to have a drawing of a dragon with me, so I can just get a rough idea of an outline. Looking at another drawing also gives me ideas on how to make changes to the dragon - in other words, just let your imagination rule.

Dragon Head Drawing

It took me about 15 minutes to draw this dragon's head.

Some drawings take too long so I leave them and start again. If they don't work out the first time, I would never be happy with them so it's faster to start another!

Keep adding features until you are satisfied with your version of a dragon.

Even using negative spaces is good for assistance when you draw any subject.

If you have no ideas on how to create a dragon from your imagination, you could always try a creative exercise with doodling.

Dragons Head Drawing

Now this is the image of a dragon that I have held from childhood.

He looks kind of friendly but then again, I never liked mean things too much!

As usual, these drawings of dragons are kept simple and you are welcome to use them for your projects.

Once you like your copied dragon figure, just add in some surroundings to suit your needs and your artwork becomes an original by you.

Producing dragon drawings is an interesting pastime and it doesn't matter if you make a mistake, your drawing can't be judged in the fantasy world. There is no right or wrong way in fantasy so that makes it a good topic for budding artists to choose.

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