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Versions of Sasuke

by kitty

I think i am already exaggerating with doing all these drawings of Sasuke. Honestly,I really reallly loveee this character...

Maybe it is because of his personality (he went to obtain power but never used it to kill). Even though he turned out to be a bad guy in the end, I think his heart is too blinded by revenge.

Losing your family and knowing that all your clan was killed by your big brother isn't easy. Sasuke had to face the world alone because of this.

In the end, he is very lucky because even though he is an orphan, he still has something important: a true friend who wants to bring him back to his old and bright days, to the right way.

Note from Kerry:
Hi Kitty
It doesn't matter how many times you draw your favorite character, all of your drawings are great! We love seeing them and hearing from you. These 2 drawings have their own charm, I like the expressions, you've done a great job.

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