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Cartoon Drawings of Bulldogs

These simple outlines of cartoon drawings of bulldogs make it very possible for you to copy them easily and successfully. Notice how there is no shading or much detail to make the copying process complicated.

Cartoon Drawing of a Bulldog

For some reason, I always imagine an animated bulldog to be wearing a bowler hat - maybe that comes from the tv shows I watched when I was a kid.

The bulldog's solid shape automatically makes him a figure of authority. I guess you could say he has been type-cast but really, he is a softie at heart.

Create A Bulldog

Cartoon Bulldog Drawings

On this drawing, I have left out the lines on his face so you can observe the main lines and then finish off the details. Copying is important when you're learning to draw because you strengthen your observation skills.

When you practice this type of exercise and you're given the freedom to add details where you think appropriate, you are more likely to remember what works and what doesn't.

These bulldog cartoons are drawn in a basic outline style. It doesn't matter if you add extra effects or if you prefer to leave it like this, you are the artist and all decisions are based on your taste.

Drawing is a very satisfying hobby and I found that by practicing over and over with basic forms like in these examples, it really helped me progress.

I haven't had any formal art training and I am proud to say I am a self taught artist.

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Simple Drawing Tips

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Art Quote

"Everyone makes mistakes. That's why there is an eraser on every pencil."

(Japanese Proverb)

If you want to know how to draw badly enough, all you have to do is find subjects that interest you and you won't look back.

I know that this time next year, with all the practice I am doing, that I should be able to draw with a blindfold on! Well, that's my dream, anyway.

Cartoon Bulldog Drawing

This dude looks a bit sorrowful but maybe it is just his droopy eyelids.

I suppose he can't help but look a bit sorrowful with all that saggy skin over his body. I don't think I'd like it!

Animations are easy to draw, due to the amount of white space in and around them and these cartoon drawings of bulldogs are no exception.

By white space, I mean that no shading is required, we all recognize the simplicity of cartoony figures instantly so it's a real drawcard for trainees in the world of art.

You can use any of these images for your own personal projects or practice. I wish you well with your exploring and revelations.

Cartoon Drawings of Bulldogs

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