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The Eye Of The Dragon

by Seaweed
(Marquette, MI, U.S.A)

The Eye Of The Dragon

The Eye Of The Dragon

This is a dragon's eye. I was sleeping, my dream was that this dragon was haunting me and so, I cut his eye. (that's the white mark in the drawing)

Then suddenly, I'm skateboarding and the dragon is chasing me, holding it's eyeball in it's hand. It was cursing me in dragonese (dragon langauge). I know dragon language so I said "sorry man, would ya just stop following me?!?!" Then the dragon said "sure, why not".

Then I started falling into hell. I was screaming, and I woke up in a cold sweat, with the drawing of the dragon's eye in my hand...

(By the way, I say my name is Seaweed because my real name is 2 hard 2 pronounce and 2 hard 2 spell!)

***Note from Kerry:
Hi Seaweed, your drawing is fantastic! Well done. Thanks for writing such an interesting story.

Some comments received...

by: Sergio G.
Hi Seaweed, once again great job my friend, the drawing of the dragon Eye is fantastic, just like your dream, great details on the dragon Eye.
keep it up, with so much honr I give you 5*****.
very nice Seaweed.
p.s. great colors on the dragon Eye.

by: Jannick Woythal
Im a huge fan of this one, I like to see some drawings with colors also (I myself can never make my drawings look anywhere near this good if I use color. Why I stick to regular pencils).
Perfect lighting/shadows and great detail.
Great work

by: Anonymous
I love the detail. If I where to draw something that close, it wouldn't be that detailed. I would suggest practicing drawing dramatic, angrier eyes.

by: Anonymous
I am extremely jealous of your talent! Do you sell your work?

by: steph
this is an amazing peice of art. an interesting dream too i wonder if you would mind me talking to you about it?

by: Anonymous
awesome drawing (but ive hade stranger dreams!)

by: Anonymous
thats really good!

by: Frank Neal
That's Greatly detailed that's great imagination love the story. Keep drawing.

sweet drawing
by: samantha richardson
amazing drawing seaweed i wish i could draw like you and the story is very nice keep drawing

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Demon Face

by Seaweed
(Marquette, Michigan, USA)

Demon Face

Demon Face

This is my version of a Demon's Face.

I don't know, I just think of something and draw it. I like doing fantasy drawings from my imagination.

***Note from Kerry:
Seaweed, your art work is very interesting and good. Keep going!

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