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The King's Dragon

by Grant Wilson
(Edinburgh, Scotland)

An ethereal beast at the best of times, the Dragon abides in the courtyard of the Royal Castle and frightens and enchants in equal measure..usually by Royal command!

Edited to add:
Media used
Thanks for your comments! The Dragon was drawn with graphics tablet in Expression design software and coloured in Photoshop elements, built up using layers. The work is therefore totally digital.

***Note from Kerry:
Hi Grant,
This is spectacular, love the colors! If I was face to face with him, I'm not sure I'd be enchanted...

He's perfect.

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Into the Void.

by Grant Wilson.
(Edinburgh, Scotland.)

Standing in the melting atmosphere, listening to the ships engines give voice to the night, hand in hand with destiny the passenger enters into the void.

Drawn with graphics tablet in expression design digitally.

***Note from Kerry:
Hi Grant, your image is very striking, the story was great and I admire your digital skills. Well done!

Comments added:

by: Michael Betz
You have done a fantastic job with your digital art. Digital art is something that very much peeks my interest. I have drawn things by hand with a mouse...but I would love to try the pad. Keep doing your digital art...and I will keep looking forward to seeing more of this great medium!

by: Grant
Thanks Michael! I enjoy the tablet and it is a lot easier than a mouse when you get used to it!

by: Marty
Hello Grant:
I love the way you done this, it looks like an " Aura" of a person.
It is awesome and fantastic and I shall enjoy more of your art.
Please share some more with us, I'll be watching for more.

by: Grant
Thanks very much for the kind comments Marty! The "aura" observation is sort of what I had in mind, glad you see it. Hope to have another picture up when time allows!

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by Anna

A Fairy Drawing

A Fairy Drawing

My name is Anna. I found this picture in a book, and just had to draw it. I thought it was really cute!

Fairies are really fun to draw anyway! I started drawing when I was 10 and I am now 13 ^_^!

**Note from Kerry:
Your love of drawing shows through in your work, Anna. Again, this is very good.

Some Comments:
by: your sister! winters snow
sis...this is very cute and i dont know why others have not rated it yet! i love it! i have my two drawings on now! one is in fantasy...and its called very cute baby dragon! and the other one is in cartoon...and its called Horse in cloke! chek it out! nice picture!

by: Sergio G.
Hi Anna, your sister is right, you did a wonderful job, this is my first time looking at your drawing and I think is wonderful, keep up the great job.

by: emma
wow thats really good!!

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Man Fairy

by Anna

Man Fairy

Man Fairy

I found this picture in a really neat art book. The book was by Christopher Heart. He has a lot of really cool stuff! Anyway, I hope you enjoy it!

**Note from Kerry:
Hi Anna, as usual your drawing is great. Well done. Thanks for sharing with us.

Comments received:

That's a great drawing, very well done

by: Annie
Your drawings are so sweet.
Where in the US are you located? I'm in N.J.

by: Ginger
Thank you for sharing your fairy design with me.
Happy Drawing.
From Switzerland,

by: Terry
Very Good
The finest drawing I ever did see.

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