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Tree Fairy Drawing

by kitty


It's been a while since i've uploaded a drawing, but i've made some and this is one of them.

When i look at this drawing, i always think about a tree fairy. These fairies have a tree as part of their souls. This one went away for a while and when she came back she found it cut.

This drawing captures the moment in which she cries for her tree.

Note from Kerry:
Hello Kitty!
I love your tree fairy drawing! It's really pulling at my heartstrings as I cry with her, I can't stand watching someone else's grief regardless of whether they are real or not.

Is this done with a brown color pencil? And may I ask what type of paper do you use, Kitty?

You have done a really good job, I love all of your drawings but this one ranks up high as a favorite.

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