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A Rose Drawing In Pencil

by Sonal

A rose in pencil

A rose in pencil

I used to enjoy sketching as a hobby while in school, though never received any formal training. After a long hiatus, I want to revive my interest again.

Fortunately I stumbled upon your website and I am truly inspired by your works and the process of sharing and learning from other artist's works.

So, here's a simple sketch of a rose in pencil that I tried from a drawing i saw.

Your suggestions and feedback are most welcome so please help me improve! :)

Note from Kerry:
Hi Sonal
Your rose drawing is truly beautiful and I cannot find a single thing that I would change about this piece.

Your drawing style is so delicate! Did you use a mechanical pencil for this drawing?

You will definitely improve once you start drawing and sketching regularly again. It doesn't seem like any damage was done if it's been a long while since you last drew.

It looks to me like this artwork belongs in a frame - I know I'd love it to hang on my walls.

Sonal, thanks for joining in, I hope you continue to enjoy the website as well as the friendships that develop here.

Edited to add some comments with valuable information:

by Michael Betz
Hey Sonal. This rose is great. I really like the way you achieved the delicate look to the leaves....great job!
Have you ever checked out the blended pencil technique? It's basically using a blending stump or a tortillon to smooth the shaded areas. If you want, take a look at a few of my submissions (there are many to choose from), the style I use is called blended pencil technique, modeled after Lee Hammond's style. I think the petals on this rose would really pop if they were blended....just my thought though.

Hey Michael,
Thanks really for your feedback. I checked out your art and its wonderful..what appealed to me most is the variety of subjects in your drawings..seems like you can draw anything you see:) I have never used a blending stump so far, but read about it. So very recently, i bought a few tortillons..will try using them going forward. If there are any specific exercises or examples to get started with it, please do let me know.

by: Michael Betz
Thank you so much for checking out my work...and thank you for the wonderful compliment....yeah...if I can get it to sit still long enough, I'll draw As for the examples of using a tortillon, or a blending stump, look up Lee Hammond, and register on a site called drawspace.......on Draw Space there are literally over 200 totally free tutorials for drawing, from beginner excercises, to intermediate techinques, to advanced tricks. Also, if you have the chance, go to your local library and start checking out some drawing books....look for books done by Lee Hammond, Carrie Parks, J.D. Hillberry (fair warning on J.D. Hillberry prepared to work on some EXTREMELY advanced techniques, see my Nail In Plank drawing for an example of J.D. Hillberry's style)....and above all....just put pencil to paper and just experiment with your tortillons....just see what they do......oh.....and make sure you blend in the same direction your pencil strokes go....

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