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Orchid Drawings

Orchid Outline Drawing

If you are searching for easy orchid drawings for copying, you are welcome to use this orchid outline which will assist you with the transition to successful drawings.

The basic shape depicted will give you good knowledge about this unusual flower, commonly known as an orchid.

In case you are interested to know what variety this outline is, it is from the species Disa racemosa.

I copied (freehand) from a picture in a gardening book that showed it was a cranberry pink color with cream inside the cup-like portion.

In outline form, you can see the simple lines of this particular orchid's structure.

To uncomplicate a drawing subject, the best idea is to go around the outside edge and define the outline.

Once your mind is in gear to look for this basic line, continue the search and look for more simple lines within.

Give yourself an advantage by sketching in a border with the same dimensions as your picture before you start to copy it.

Have fun and be kind to yourself while you practice.

Always remember that your next orchid drawing is another step closer to a perfect drawing.

Learn about this exotic bloom:

The orchid's form is comprised of 3 petal-like sepals and 3 petals.

Orchid Drawing

One petal is much longer than the other two plus it is a special color and shape.

The two outside petals are alike but the middle petal (known as "the lip") is a different shape.

The lip is larger and more showy than the other petals and it could look something like a cup, a scoop, a trumpet or a bag.

The shape of the orchid flower is different in all varieties.

Once you know to look for the unique middle petal which has an upside-down flower, you won't have a worry identifying an orchid. (For some reason, I used to be confused about the difference between orchids and lillies!)

There are cultivated orchids and also wild orchids. You can find wild orchids where there is plentiful rainfall - they can grow on rocks, trees and on the ground..

Orchids can be a variety of colors except black and they can be speckled or streaked.

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Learn By Doing

Orchid Drawing

Two orchid drawings on this page were done on a whim so they evolved as I held a pen and not a pencil.

Here is my first attempt (in pen) of a roughly sketched orchid that I drew as I was making some notes about orchids.

Remember that it's good to keep your drawings and sketches together in your sketchbook so you can monitor your drawing progress.

This sketch will be cut from my note pad and pasted into my sketchbook even though it's not of good quality.

You will surprise yourself when you attempt to draw this complex form.

Once you finish one, you will have learned about the shape and you become more comfortable about drawing the next one.

Orchid Drawings

After I became familiar with the bloom, I put more effort into this orchid drawing on the left by squinting to help me see light and shade more effectively.

I love to see that I can produce something like this even though I still have a lot more to learn.

It is a good idea to draw what you see and there is no need to include every single detail.

Look at the shape subjectively and decide what you want to portray - after all, you are the creator here.

I think this drawing turned out better because I had roughly sketched a few images prior to drawing with care.

Drawing Tools

Where there are several orchids on a single stem that you wish to draw, you can use a grid for assistance.

Orchid Photo

If you have a photo on your computer that you'd like draw and you want to place a grid over it, you can use this free program called Photofiltre. Follow the directions on that page to see how I placed this grid over my orchid photo.

Time To Ponder

Orchid Sketch

This is my very first rough sketch that helped me work out how to effectively get the shape and appearance right.

If you try this, keep going over your lines until it appears to be correct.

This was done in pen and that was a bonus because I couldn't erase the incorrect lines which actually help to find the right ones.

There hasn't been a subject that I don't enjoy drawing and these orchid drawings have been no exception.

Flowers are such a joy to produce and a pleasure to view.

Going by my experience with this topic, beginner artists are better off focusing on practicing with straighforward flowers prior to attempting to draw orchids.

It's in your best interest to keep with simple line drawings and by practicing with easy subjects that interest you.

However, you can always try drawing the outline of an orchid (at top), which is what I was copying here. It doesn't hurt you to do that and then you can judge the progression of your drawing skills.

The most important thing is to love and enjoy every drawing moment that you can manage.


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