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Drawings of Hibiscus Flowers

On this page you will find a few different drawings of hibiscus flowers.

Hibiscus Flower Outline

If your next project is to create some hibiscus drawings, here is a very basic outline of the flower for you to begin with.

We need to keep with the theory to copy the simplest of all things first, so this outline is of the single hibiscus bloom.

Once you copy it, you will see how easy it was, and that success provides you with the motivation to try other things. Onward and upward!

The double hibiscus is so intricate, it really competes with the rose when it comes to illustrating the complexity of this bloom so beginners are wise to avoid it initially.

Good artists seek to learn some background information on their drawing subject, so I've covered the main points below.

Regarding Hibiscus

Drawing Of Hibiscus

Hibiscus is the name of a group of plants belonging to the mallow family.

This well known group has lots of exotic species and hybrids. They have large colorful flowers that can be either a single or double blossom.

Hibiscus is found growing in tropical or temperate regions of the world.

Hibiscus Drawings

You can grow these beautiful plants from cuttings.

Birds and insects don't seem to pollinate the flowers so growing by seed can be quite difficult.

The hibiscus flower is great for decoration.

When you see this flower you probably have the urge to tuck one behind your ear -- that's if you're a female, of course!

They are just so exotic and it's hard not to admire them.

Drawing From Nature

I felt adventurous so I picked a pink double hibiscus from my garden to draw. I did regret that it wasn't a single bloom because they only have five petals and it would have been much easier! However, not to be deterred, I copied the flower to the best of my ability. At this point in time, I have been learning to draw for about 2 years.

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Drawings Of Hibiscus

The double bloom is so heavy it doesn't sit upright in the vase so it is hanging down. I mention that so you get the perspective of the image.

I hope you these drawings of hibiscus flowers show how to simplify a blossom, there's no real necessity to include each and every detail that you see.

I also hope that I have given you the confidence to try creating hibiscus drawings for yourself. Let your eyes direct your pencil and ignore all thoughts of how you 'think' it appears.

One of the nice things about this hobby is the peace of mind that is experienced when you become lost in producing artwork. Most of all, please just enjoy each artistic moment.

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