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Pink Flowers

by Anna Brady
(St. James, Missouri. USA)

Pink Flowers

Pink Flowers

This drawing of pink flowers was different for me. The more I draw the more I pick up on different techniques :) lol

This was the first drawing I decided not to use a sketch pencil in. I just tried the whole thing in color.

And hopefully (we'll see what you guys think ;) ) it turned out well :) I hope you all like it!

I was going through some of my things preparing for a garage sale and I stumbled across a photo album with a lovely floral picture for its cover. I decided I would hang on to it for a while and try and sketch it :)

I was quite pleased with it when I was finished. I hope you all enjoy it as well :)

Anna Brady, age 14, 2009

***Note from Kerry:
Anna, as usual, your work is beautiful. The colors are vibrant and it's a very attractive piece. Good job.

Added comments:

by: Marty
Hello Anna;
I think your pink flowers are just great and I noticed that in two of the flowers you had seed pods in the center, which looks great BUT!
If everyone will look at the lower right flower in the center there is no seed pod or seeds.
However did you notice this mistake? Or was it a mistake for I want you to look real close for I see a person in the center of it.
Please everyone let me know if you see what I saw?
Plus we all need to study every piece of artwork that is placed on this great website for if we don'tstudy them we will miss out on the secret and the treasure of all the glory of the artwork.

by: Anna
Thank you very much for your input :)
I do agree that the lower right flower could have used some seeds. the picture I had followed showed a petal covering them and I tried to duplicate it to the best of my abilities.
I also wasn't able to find the person you were talking about. You say it was in the lower right flower as well? its kind of funny how some drawings will turn out like that ;)
Thank you again :)

by: Kerry
Hi Marty and Anna
Is it the petal that's covering the seed pod, that looks like a profile? That's what I can see anyway.
Anna, your drawing is beautiful, Marty wasn't criticizing it, it's obvious that the petals cover the seeds on that flower. You have done it correctly, you were following the rules of perspective.

by: Marty
Hello Again;
yes it is the flower that has the seen pod covered. If you look at it real close you will see a person. I hope that someone else sees it. You did not draw the flowers wrong, it's just that I study a drawing for quite some time and it is not to find mistakes.
One time I painted a picture in oils. And I don't know how many people was people in the clouds. Now I could never paint them like that, in fact I didn't even notice them until a friend made a visit to my house and while we were talking he noticed the faces in the clouds and after he said that I also saw them.
Well needless to say I sold that painting. It was somewhere in North Carolina.
Please someone study this drawing and see if any of you can see the person. It is right in the center of the flower covering the seed pod.
This is a great piece of artwork and I would say you would never be able to draw another one exactly like this one. No two are ever the same.

by: Anna
Oh ok :D I see the person now. It’s funny how that happened.
No I didn't think you were criticizing me at all ;) I actually really appreciate what you have to say about my drawing. That’s one of the things I really enjoy about this site. People will actually give you input into your drawings, not just say the usual "oh that’s wonderful, great job." I like it when people tell me things about my drawings so that I can learn from it.

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