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Cross Drawings

Celtic Cross Drawing

There is a very large variety of cross drawings so only the most popular or well known types are displayed on this page.

This is a drawing of a Celtic cross.

If you are going to copy these images, make sure you use a thick pencil lead to help hide the fact that your lines may not be quite straight.

I haven't done a very good job at all and that's because I used a mechanical pencil with a fine lead. I like to test myself and see results without relying on a ruler.

There are eight crosses made famous in the history of religion and they are:

  • Latin
  • Greek
  • St Anthony's
  • St Andrew's
  • Maltese
  • Calvary
  • Patriarchal
  • Celtic

So you are aware of what each cross represents, below you see an explanation with basic drawings of some commonly known crosses.

St Andrews Cross Drawing

This is the St Andrew's cross which is a symbol of christianity.

Calvary Cross Drawing

Jesus Christ was crucified on a cross and Christians believe that His crucifixion played a pivotal role in redeeming humanity from its sins.

It is regarded as a sign of redemption.

This is the Calvary Cross.

Calvary is the place near ancient Jerusalem where Jesus died.

Latin Cross Drawing

The Latin Cross is predominantly used by Roman Catholics and Protestants.

The main upright is longer than the horizontal piece placed above the center.

People make a sign of the cross with the right hand as an act of devotion.

A Crucifix is a cross with an image of the dying Jesus.

Next time you visit a cathedral, have a look at the layout of the floor and how the seats are arranged. Cathedrals and some churches have floor plans based on the shape of the latin cross.

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Greek Cross Drawing

Eastern Orthodox churches use the Greek Cross which meets at the center and all arms are equal length.

Maltese Cross Drawing

The Maltese was the symbol on the flags carried by the Knights of Saint John in the Crusades.

Swastika Drawing

The Swastika is an ancient symbol or ornament and each arm is bent the same way to form right angles.

The symbol of the Nazi party was a swastika with the arms turning clockwise.

The Allies banned the display of the nazi swastika after World War 2.

Ankh Cross Drawing

The Ankh symbolizes life in egyptian art and mythology.

Avellan Cross Drawing Fleury Cross Drawing

The Avellan on the left is quite decorative, and the Fleury Cross on the right is so named because the ends represent the petals of a flower.

While this is an easy subject and great for anyone just starting to draw, the challenge lies with keeping the lines as straight as possible.

It's personal choice whether or not you use a ruler. If you don't want to rely on a ruler, you can create a square and then use guidelines within it to assist with proportion, height and width.

I didn't include the Crucifix with these cross drawings because my focus was to provide simple images for beginner artists. These are the images I created when I was learning and practicing.

The only way to improve your cross drawings is to practice using these simple outlines - continuously do this and you will see a marked improvement in no time.

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