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An Artologist, A Speed Artist, Drawing Sketches Quickly.

by Neil McIntyre
(Gold Coast Australia)

I consider myself to be an Artologist, a speed artist, drawing sketches quickly.

As an Artologist, I now intend to visit Children's parties and give demonstrations, teaching the children confidence & imagination.

= It was once quoted by " Albert EINSTEIN " that imagination is far more important than knowledge.

To be more successful and to get engagements at children's parties I feel it will be necessary to include some magic tricks, which I will do.

I purchased a big white board the other day, and have a big easel, so all I do is draw all kinds of things in front of children. My big impression is drawing the worlds fastest portrait in 14 seconds.

I also draw with great confidence , a farmers scene eg. hills, trees and birds, and motor cars & an old house, roadways, dog, clouds in the sky & birds, and the sun, with two rabbits sitting together.

All the above is done very very fast, and I consider myself as real good when it comes to this part of demonstrating to the Kids.

I believe Kids MUST view DEMONSTRATIONS, and people who can't draw or sketch, JUST CAN'T do this, and the children never learn.

I`ll let you know when I COMPLETE MY FIRST children's party.

Take care
Neil in Australia
palmerboxing at yahoo dot com dot au

***Note from Kerry:
Hi Neil, I admire what you are doing. There are some children who just don't have people around them to care enough and show them this sort of thing.

I wish you every success. I would love to see your illustrations. If you want to, you can send me a drawing and I can upload it here, on your page. That's up to you.

Neil, I've changed your email so the spam bots don't pick it up off the web and make your life miserable.
As you can see, it's still the correct address for those who might want to contact you.

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