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Drawings In Pen

Pen Drawing Nature

There are so many advantages to creating drawings in pen and one of those is that it explicitly shows you what you are capable of achieving.

Rather than being a disappointment, I find it usually reveals something good about my progress and it's totally worth experimenting with.

Have you ever had the urge to draw something but just as quickly discard the idea because your pencils are out of reach?

This happens to me all the time so rather than give up, I make do with the nearest thing. Being lazy has real benefits!

Instead of going in search of my pencils, I always have a pen handy so I use that, knowing full well that I'm probably not going to do a good illustration but let's see how it goes anyway.

No expectations means there's:...

  • no pressure to perform,
  • no frustration,
  • a carefree desire to portray something,
  • an opportunity for happy accidents.

I don't know about you but sometimes I feel insecure about whether I can draw successfully but the pen rescues me because I throw all inhibitions away to get an image down. It's now or never, right?

My sister and niece are travelling through Scotland at the moment and they're sending home some great photos. My fingers itch to portray the beautiful scenery so below you see my quick translation of a scene near Inverness (I think that's right!)

Inverness Pen Drawing Bridge

Drawings in pen force us to simplify an image and find its highlights.

Naturally, there's no possibility to erase so there's no choice but to keep adding lines until the right ones are found - this is brilliant practice! It is well written that many incorrect strokes are needed before we find accuracy and it's this repetitive action that finally gets our hand to respond to the images in our mind.

Pen Drawing Tree

I enjoy these pen sessions very much plus they make a great addition to my sketchbook. I cut and paste the sketches because they are generally on scrap paper. If I don't do this, my sketchbook can lay idle for long periods of time.

I want to record each and every image and measure my progress with the passing of time and if this is the only way to do it, then so be it. We each need to adapt and conform to circumstances that suit our way of life.

I figure these stolen minutes are probably worth hours of valuable practice. After creating my drawings in pen, I find it easier to remember what not to do rather than what I should do!

I discover that my observation skills are improving when I see that I'm still able to make a decent representation of things that appeal to me. It sure beats feeling uncertain while waiting for some spare time to draw. We all know how that pans out!

Nature is an easy topic and it lifts my spirits when a scene emerges, seemingly without much effort.

Butterfly image
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Every pen illustration is like an expedition - challenging and testing yet exhilarating at the same time. Drawing intrigues me, do you feel that way too?

I suffer with a lack of confidence in portraying animals so I have a go with them, too.

Pen Drawing Dog

This is an area where I need more work but it's fun to see what evolves. I notice when I do drawings in pen that I need to find more patience, particularly portraying fussy bits like fur.

A pen teaches you where your weak spots are and where you need to focus more attention.

You learn a lot by studying other sketches and observing how artists use tiny lines to make big statements. The dog was a sketch that I liked from an old book so I copied it to learn how to place the strokes.

When you teach yourself to draw, studying artwork is a must because you learn how to simplify objects, how lines don't have to meet and how a sweep of the pen can make an image pop.

Pen Drawing Flower

It's not only pen that can be a good teacher, Charcoal is another medium that forces you to stop being fussy. These mediums are different tools that we have at our disposal, leading the way to further our development.

I still like to mentally draw objects or trace outlines with my eyes and I'm sure that helps also!

The hand needs a certain amount of training but with practice, it can be made to execute whatever the mind perceives.

Drawings in pen are restricting yet enlightening because you have to find a way to illustrate a form with simple lines and work out how to arrange them in an artistic way.

Pen Drawing Pyramids

All kinds of practice keeps your eye/hand communication well-oiled.

Of course, you can use a pencil to craft an idea first, there are no rules here, you do whatever you please. It's just that when a pencil isn't within reach, throw caution to the wind and see what happens with drawings in pen.

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