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by Ricky Davis
(Pretoria North SA)

1. Experiment with color

1. Experiment with color

1. Experiment with color
2. From Imagination
3. From imagination
4. Scene in Italy

For this first drawing, I tried to use colored pencil. I hope you like it.

The 2nd one is out of my imagination, looking down on the church through arches.

The 3rd one is out of my imagination again.

Number 4 is an alley in Italy.

Note from Kerry:
Hi Ricky
Your artwork is a delight to study, each drawing is an exercise in intricate detail and I have to admire your patience. My favorite of these is the alley, incredible work Ricky.

Comments added:

by: Ricky
Thank you Kerry. I will always be thankful to you for inspiring me. I was about to give up drawing because I thought my work was not good. Then you told me that you liked it. I was surprised to hear that and now I have the courage to draw. Thank you.

by: Kerry
Thank you Ricky
I am very pleased you are continuing to draw Ricky, it would be criminal for you to stop! You must be a harsh self-critic because I think your work has a charm all of its own. It sounds like you would be surprised to learn how many people really do love your artwork!!

Individual Artists have their own group of admirers because us humans are each very different and while we like some artwork, there is artwork around that we don't particularly like. Of course, that has nothing to do with the artist, it's simply the way we view the world.

Keep drawing Ricky and I hope you are deriving as much pleasure in the creation as we do in the viewing!

LOVE your artwork..
by: Lilly Antoneavic
WOW.. Excellent artwork.. I love street scapes and buildings..
These are awesome, keep up the good work..

Ricky .. Never say you think your drawings are no good..
All art is good and all artists have something to say with their art..
Just do it friend, do lots of it and as often as you feel like..
I use my art as stress reliever and because I love drawing etc..
Your skill and talent for architecture and street scapes is obvious..
Enjoy your art and your creations..

by: Michael Betz
Don't Stop!!
Hey Ricky! I agree with everyone else...please do not stop drawing! You are better than you think you are.....I really mean that. Please...please...keep drawing! I personally like #3 the best. I have always enjoyed viewing buildings and things from inside other gives a feeling that you are actually there and standing inside the buildings or on the grounds.
Never put your art down.. (I should talk , lol)...

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