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Drawings by Richard

by Richard Lund Winther
(Athens, Greece)



Dragon Tattoo Drawing
Western Fantasy

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Drawing #1 - Hourglass Drawing
Hi Everybody :D

It's been too long time since my last upload now :(

I've been really busy for the last 4-5 months... but now I'm back :D I hope I don't have to start from square one again :)

Here's my latest drawing - it took me about 1 hour and it's done with a 4B and a 5B pencil :)

I have 2 more drawings as well, that you can see while you are visiting my page...

Thank you :)

Drawing #2 - Dragon Tattoo
Hi everybody :)
This is done at the request of my cousin because he wanted a dragon tattoo on his right arm. So, he was half of the mind and I was the other half of the mind and the whole hand :)

The tattoo artist is probably going to refine the details and make it more suitable but he will get it done November 11th - I'm so excited :)

Hope you like it :)
Thank you :)

Drawing #3 - Western Fantasy
Hi Everybody :)
So this is a fantasy drawing I did today, it took me about one and a half hours.

It was requested by my aunt, she asked me to do something like old 70's and a western kind of drawing, so I just followed my senses.

What do you think? What's the first thing you think about when seeing this?
Thank you :)

Note from Kerry:
Hi Richard
Re Drawing #1 - the Hourglass Drawing - I thought you did a very fine job with it! If you did the sides without the aid of a ruler, you also achieved nice straight lines!
It's a very good choice of subject matter and you must be proud of it.

Re Drawing #2 - Dragon Tattoo Drawing
This is a stunning piece of fantasy artwork, Richard. I'd love to know what the tattoo artist says because it really is a great piece. I like the horns being like rope and the drawing as a whole is just magnificent!

Re Drawing #3 - Western Fantasy
Again here you show great imagination. I hope your Aunt was suitably impressed with your drawing. I wondered if the car drove at the speed of a bullet? Is that along the lines that you were thinking? I know cars didn't form part of western times so I thought it was a clever mix.

Thanks for sharing all of these drawings with us, Richard. You are a good artist and it seems you can turn your hand to any topic. That's very admirable stuff!

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Copy of Michelangelo's Original

by Richard Lund Winther
(Athens, Greece)

Michelangelo's original, redo

Michelangelo's original, redo

Hi everybody
I was really unsure about the title so I just put some words to describe what this is :P

This is actually a pencil drawing I did with a 7B pencil. It's a part of the ceiling in the Sistine Chapel :D

Hope you like it :D

***Note from Kerry:
Hi Richard
I love it!! You have done this piece justice, I enjoy looking at it and you've inspired me to copy some of Michelangelo's works too.

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