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Ballerina Stretching

by Sue Bledsoe

Young girl stretching

Young girl stretching

O.K. So this sketch of a ballerina stretching is sketch number 10 of my calendar ballerinas, and it has been the hardest one to do yet. I have 3 different versions in my sketch book, but I think this one looked best.

Each one has different features that I liked though. My reference photo was a blurry close up of her foot and I wanted to expend it. That was a challenge. I used a mechanical pencil for the drawing and a charcoal pencil for the shading.

I have had plenty of time this week to work on my sketching because I have been confined to my recliner. I had an attach of diverticulitis (too much information?) and am on some really strong antibiotics. It came on suddenly and not only is very painful, but I feel lousy as well. But I can get some drawing done between naps.

I only have 2 to go to finish the calendar.

Note from Kerry:
Hi Sue
I smile when I see you say "this was the hardest one yet", but have you noticed you say that for nearly every ballerina drawing you do? The point is, you are pushing boundaries and that is the only way you will improve! I can see that improvement too, can you?

This drawing is very good! The pose of a young girl stretching is not an everyday pose so you are taking on challenges that most artists are afraid to even attempt!

I am very impressed with you. I also think you did a great job drawing the hand which I know has caused you problems in the past. Look at you go! (**applause**)

I am so sorry to hear you're not well! Is diverticulitis caused by eating the wrong foods (particularly peanuts and such)? Have you heard of food combining? My hubby used to suffer a bit with that but since we have learned which foods go together, our tummies can digest it perfectly and hubs is on top of the world. I thought it was funny when you asked if that was too much information! Nope, this is your page, you can say what you like! Besides, I like to know how you are going.

I have enjoyed watching your progress through the 12 calendar ballerinas. I can't wait to see the remaining ones although I will be sad when this challenge of yours is finished. It's been very entertaining and interesting.

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