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Black and White Drawing

by Lauren Sauers
(wilmington NC)

Black and White drawing #1

Black and White drawing #1

Black and White drawing #1
Black and White #2

Click each drawing to enlarge it.

I've been obsessed with the short hair for a while :)

I saw a position like this somewhere and made my own ....only took like 2 hours... pretty fast if yah ask me ;) haha

I had fun with this..and her hair :) hope u like it !!

Black and White Drawing #2
I did this FOREVER ago and just kinda forgot about it :/ oh well its here now lol.

This kinda goes along the same lines as the other drawing black and white.... i think thats what i called it? lol
Note from Kerry:
Hi Lauren
Yeah, I love the hair!! You've done a brilliant job with it. Your drawings are always a delight to view and absolutely awesome that you can create something like this is only 2 hours.

Drawing #2
Hello Lauren,
I added the second black and white drawing to your existing page so everyone can see and compare the 2.

It sure is great artwork. I have always loved black and white drawings the best, don't know why, they just have that certain appeal.

Added comments:

by: Marty
Hello Lauren:
She sure is pretty.
I love everything about her, you did a great job.

by: Michael Betz
Would she happen to be available?? Just askin....

by: Lauren Sauers
yahhh shes available :) haha

by: Michael Betz
Then give her my number silly girl.....;)

by: Lauren Sauers
ok.... i take it you guys think shes pretty :) lol

by: Michael Betz
She's female...

by: Kerry
Merged pages
Hi Lauren
This is just a note to let you know your latest drawing has been uploaded here and I added it to the drawing you referred to. Hope you like it - I think it looks great!

by: Lauren Sauers
haha i think i wished i kinda named it something else now.... seems how now it probably wont get as much views but ok i dont mind :)

by: Marty
Hello again Lauren:
I love your artwork.
I just wanted to say hi to everyone.
I have been very sick for about the last 7 or 8 months now. I am starting to feel better. My feet are swelled up a lot, as I am retaining a lot of water. I take my water pills but I am still having a lot of health problems.
I love you all.
God Bless

by: Kerry

Hey Lauren,
Your existing page with the new drawing has been given the same treatment as though it were a new page so there is no problem there.

It has been updated, which you can see via the Drawings Blog, where it resides right at the top as the latest new page.

The comment (that I posted) goes out to everyone who has been asked to be notified -- I see Marty has popped in for you and we haven't heard from him for ages -- see, you are very privileged!

Michael has disappeared again and I don't quite know what's happening in his world. I'm thinking he will drop in once he gets a spare moment.

The reason I added the 2 pages together is because there are new website rules now where each site page has to contain minimum 500 words (groan) with no duplicate content (groan) so I have to be careful so my site doesn't get penalized. I don't expect my lovely residing artists to spend their precious time writing whole pages so I make the best of it and add pages together.

Hope you understand... xx

For Marty
Hi Marty!
It is such great news that you are feeling better now. Jim's wife, Emilie, was asking after you yesterday.

Thanks for letting us know how you are going.

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