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Critique versus Criticism

by Lilly Antonaevic
(Melbourne Australia)

Minimalist Drawing

Minimalist Drawing

Minimalist Drawing
Mr Ginger

I always liked a critique rather than blatant criticism..

I never criticize, because I like ALL art and I love looking at art sites to see what magic other artists are making ..

There is no such thing as bad art or bad artist..

ALL artists have something to say with their art..

We all work hard at our individual art and style, there is no comparison, because in my humble opinion all art is good and the artists should be given good critique as this encourages effort, etc..

This is just my humble opinion on this subject of critique etc..

Just do what your heart says, do it and enjoy. Once you do that, the rest also will..

Cheers from,
Lilly and cats.. (My familiars)..

The minimalist drawing is a study of Sofia Loren, the famous Italian Actress and Beauty.. I wanted minimalism in my drawing.. the Lipstick was created by using Airbrush..

Note from Kerry:
Hi Lilly and cats
I could not agree more with all you have said! That is exactly how I feel, too.

Our art comes from within, who's to say it is right or wrong?

Some artists beg for advice and so they receive it (even though I give it out sparingly and reluctantly). Others just want to show what they have achieved so they are welcome to do that here too.

By the way Lilly, I just absolutely love these drawings, in particular I think the minimalist drawing is spectacular.

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