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Your Drawing Critique

Have you had a good or bad experience when you asked for a drawing critique? If so, how did that affect you?

Sketch Nature

This area is where guest artists shared some of their experiences and had a general discussion about critiques.

A good critique is one where you learn something from it and a bad critique is one that isn't constructive and you're better off forgetting about it.

If drawing gives you great pleasure, then there is every reason why you should continue to draw. Don't let any thoughtless words get in your way!

Here is the difference between good and bad critiques so you can give quality advice when helping other artists in the future.

I always thought it took a brave person to ask for a critique on drawings. My first drawing critique was an enlightening experience for me and I really felt myself grow as an artist. Take a look and learn some valuable drawing tips from my drawing critique.

The trick is to select the right people who you sense will give you the relative feedback that you're searching for. It's not the best idea to ask someone for advice if they're not interested in drawing at all.

Scroll further down the page to find great information about learning to draw along with ways to improve your art skills.

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Your Experiences

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I've finished a drawing, and 2 things happened. I showed my friends and they said it could be better. The other thing is that I want to get …

Drawing can be fun 
Hi. Thank you for helping me becoming an artist. Your e-mails are very helpful and interesting. At first I was scared to face any critique on my …

An Artologist, A Speed Artist, Drawing Sketches Quickly. 
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