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Drawing Tools

by Michael Betz
(Las Vegas)

Pentel Clic Eraser

Pentel Clic Eraser

Here is the typewriter eraser that I have mentioned a few times, and Kerry had asked about.
It is an incredible tool for straight line highlights and tight spots, or just about any spot that does not require a lot of erasing.

I like to use it for my hair highlights as well. I think it works better than a kneaded eraser for creating highlight lines.

The kneaded eraser is perfect for lifting color to lighten a value, but this typewriter eraser...I use it alot.

It looks like a pen with an retractable eraser, you can also sharpen them to a point for real tight spots. I will do that also, but this is the only one I have at the I will sharpen the next one I get.... whenever that may be.....

Note from Kerry:
Thank you very much, Michael, you are way too cool for sending in this pic and the wonderful information you have included with it.

Ok, so now I have more questions that spring to mind...
Since typewriters aren't used so much anymore, I wonder if it is the grainy type of eraser that I remember from my typewriter days? (ugh, showing my age with that statement!) It was coarse and definitely damaged the fiber of the paper.

I have seen the ones like you show here, but they hold a soft pencil eraser. Now not that I'm doubting you, but so I know what to ask for, was this definitely termed a typewriter eraser at the store?

Thank you so much Michael, for all this information, it is very much appreciated.

Edited to add Michael's answer:

by: Michael Betz

Actually, no, this probably is not classified as a "typewriter" eraser. Yes, I remember those old grainy ones, and they would be too rough. This is actually called a Pentel Elite Eraser, and I believe they are classified as retractable erasers. Very inexpensive, I got mine for I think $1.99 at Walmart. I just call them typewriter erasers, because that is what they were originally designed for. But, as you stated typewriters are pretty much non-excistent now, so they make them of very soft erasers damage to even thin paper. I love it! Use it every time I draw. I had actually forgotten I had this and found it in an old pencil box in my garage.

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