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Daylily Night Embers

by Joseph F. Corso
(Toms River, NJ, USA)

Red Monochrome Flower Drawing

Red Monochrome Flower Drawing

This was an exercise, one of many, but this was first done in colored pencil, red for flower and green for leaf. No other colors were used, it is simply an exercise in shading.

Some comments...
by: Kerry
Love the colors
This is a very interesting drawing exercise. It's fascinating that only 2 colors were used. I must love simple things because this drawing really attracts me. Well done, Joe.

by: Rajni
Excellent work just using two colours.

by: Anonymous
Nice! That's very good.

by: pete
good lines nice color

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Pencil Still Life

by Joseph F. Corso
(Toms River, NJ, USA)

Still Life Pencil Drawing

Still Life Pencil Drawing

This is was done at an outdoor artist party in Toms River, I started a quick sketch and took couple of photographs and created the pencil sketch when I got home. There is a statue and book on the table along with the fruits, and flowers.

Comments received so far...

by: Kerry
The important sketch book
This is one of the more interesting still life drawings that I have seen. This is also the reason why everyone should keep a sketch book with them. I like it.

by: Sandra Busby
Really lovely
This is really good because the selection of objects are so random. I particularly like the glass vase. This is really cleverly drawn.

by: Anonymous
Very interesting. The flowers are great. Perhaps a heavier stroke will make them more visible on the monitor.

by: Joe
About darkness
This is a simple pencil sketch, it shows up well on my monitor, so can't explain why you cannot see it. Or are having trouble seeing it? I did not do it in charcoal, just 2b pencil. If others have trouble viewing it, let me know I can do it in charcoal.

by: chris
lovely pic
Your picture is really great. It is very realistic.

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Barnegat Light House - 1928

by Joe Corso
(Toms River, NJ, USA)

Barnegat Light House, NJ 1928

Barnegat Light House, NJ 1928

I found an old historic book of my fathers with photos of New Jersey back in 1928. Several captured my fancy but this one I did as a pencil sketch. Old Barnie, she is still called. The light house has been restored and is a historical site. Another note, Barnie has something in common with a famous Italian landmark, "The leaning tower of Pizza", she is leaning.


by: Kerry
The leaning lighthouse
Hi Joe
Thank you so much for sharing this drawing, it would have to be one of my favorites. I love the way the drawing looks simple yet detailed. Thank you, also, for the great story you provided.

by: Sandra
I like this one...
I like the simplicity of this one. There's no fuss, and yet your eyes are immediately drawn up the path to the lighthouse. It makes you wonder what's beyond.

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