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Help with a sketch

by Sue Bledsoe

This is a sketch of an old tree that used to stand in my grandparent's yard (as I remember it).
I would like to turn it into color (pastel, pencil, chalk?) and I want some advice (actually lots of advice as I've never worked with color before.)
I know there are experts out there who have waited a long time for someone to ask for this kind of help.
Let me have it with both barrels. Thanks ahead of time.

Note from Kerry:
Hi Sue
As you know, I won't be able to help with coloring tips. I hope some kind artist comes along to help you.
I know you have sketched this roughly from memory but I think if you study a nearby tree, you will start to notice more things about a tree to include in your creation. For example, when you draw a tree, you illustrate parts of limbs here and there between the foliage.
To draw foliage, you only need to suggest it along the lines of a leaf's general shape - rounded, pointed etc.
I would squint to identify the darkest parts of the foliage and then I would shade that area heavily.
You might like to study other trees to find one that resembles the trunk of your grandparent's tree so you can use it as your reference and guide.
I know you didn't ask for advice on the actual drawing side of things so I hope I haven't stepped out of line, sorry! I just hope I've helped a little rather than be completely useless.

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