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Modern Talking

by Amber

This is some fan-art I drew for fun. They're a band from Germany, and were very popular in Europe and other countries/continents in the eighties (they had a comeback in the late nineties, but I don't really care for those albums).

Their genre--in the eighties--was Eurodisco, or Europop. They sort of remind me of Wham!, but with a different style. I love their music, and I love their look in this period, I think they're fantastic! (btw, the only thing I traced is the logo in the middle).

And the random pair of eyes in the corner are just that, a random pair of eyes.

I would call this a 'modified sketch'.

Note from Kerry:
Hi Amber
I'd call it an interesting sketch! With lots to look at and study, I have enjoyed seeing it.

It looks to me like you have sketched the band in anime character-like fashion, is that right?

I can't quite see the logo but I see from your Title that the band must be called "Modern Talking". Is that lyrics that you have written here and there?

I think your random eyes fit in really well as they survey your piece.
Thanks for sharing with us!

Comments added:

by: Sue from Tennessee
Sketchbook addition
Amber, I really like your drawing. This looks like something from Danny Gregory's sketchbooks. If you haven't seen any of those, go to Amazon and type in his name. You can looks at some of the pages. This is definitely a good piece.

by: Amber
About the piece
Well, yes, it is a sort of anime-style, I've been drawing that way for years because I like that style (but I've also been working on a more realistic approach too--but anything I draw I add my own personal style to it). The little words are notes about the drawing (that'd be cool if they were lyrics!). Thanks Kerry and Sue, I'm glad you like it!

by: Marty
Hello Amber:
I agree with Kerry and Sue.
I really love this drawing and your love for your artwork shows in all your detail.

by: Michael Betz
Hey Amber. I enjoy your sketches. I am not familiar with this band...but I will certainly look them up now. I noticed the anime style too....I would love to see some more realistic works of yours. Realistic style is the style that I devote most of my study on...if you get the chance, take a look at my nail in plank drawing......Have you ever taken a look at the works of Lee Hammond or J D Hillberry? I think you might find them useful to achieve a more realistic look......

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