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Music Notes

by Anna Brady
(St. James, Missouri. USA)

Music Notes

Music Notes

I drew this for a friend of mine, we both really enjoy music so I thought I should find something I could draw for him :)

It is my first Charcoal drawing, lol and it was difficult trying to capture the light reflections.

...let me know what you think of it :) it always helps to get advice from someone who looks at it differently.

Please note that this design is not my own. I don't remember where I found it but, clip art forms of these music notes are floating all over the internet.
This drawing is my own but the 'idea' is not. I have no intentions of infringing upon any copyright laws.

Note from Kerry:
Hi Anna, the first thing I noticed was the light reflections so that tells me you did a good job! I really like this, you did well to keep the drawing clean since it was done with charcoal.

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A few wonderful and encouraging comments this drawing received...

The Dream
by: KDH3
I really love this drawing, it really makes me feel about the music, inspires me to be informed, I love it and want to be an artist just like you! I will persuade my dream to be added on such a creation being an artist is my dream.

by: supergirl345
your drawing is amazing. i love music. i play the violin.

its great...i'd say amazing
by: Anonymous
considering that i am horrible a drawing anything in the slightest your drawing is amazing. And i also have a love for music and enjoy it greatly!!

by: memo
i really like ur drawing i like the reflection of the tones and its really clean . i wish u the best

by: Sandra Busby
I really like this drawing. I have used charcoal many times and can appreciate just how tricky it is to keep the white areas white! This really does look three dimensional and the notes look as though they would squeak if you rubbed them. It's quirky! Great!

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