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Now, what shall I draw....?

by Sandra Busby
(East Sussex, England)

My Hand

My Hand

This is my most recent drawing. When I look back to my first drawing I can see I have improved.
Once again I think that perhaps I could be braver when it comes to shading and this is something I really need to practice.
I was sitting in the lounge with my pad and pencil just wondering about what I should draw, when I noticed my left hand resting on the edge of the pad. Since it was there and I had control over whether it moved, I thought 'Oh well, I'll draw my hand then!' So I did.
I was quite pleased with it, and when I showed my Mum she immediately recognised that it was my hand - as only a Mum would - and I think that can only be a good sign!
I guess this is absolute proof that there is always something to draw, wherever you are!

Note from Admin:
I can see you're getting the gist of drawing, Sandra. To draw your own hand is a common exercise for beginners and your drawing shows you are coming along quite nicely. Well done!

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