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On the City Walls

by Boshy
(Chester U.K.)

King Charles Tower

King Charles Tower

This is a drawing I did last summer from a photograph that I took whilst walking along the City walls that encompass the City of Chester

...all Roman stuff for you history buffs...It's a section called King Charles Tower and it is one of the first attempts I had at using coloured pencils

...I must say I got the shock of my life when I went to the Art shop (they know me by name now) to buy the pencils...they were £1.35 each!!!!!...bloody hell that's expensive I thought...I was thinking I could get a packet of maybe 24 for that price I didn't bother until later on I saw in a pound-shop a box of coloured pencils for £2.99 for 24...woohoo I thought and bought them...What a waste of £2.99...I now realize why they are £1.35 each hehehe...

So, needless to say I saved my pennies and got a set of Derwent coloursoft...they make 72 in the coloursoft range so I got the box set...I have recently (last week) bought a set of 120 Prismacolor ones from America but they haven't arrived yet.

A few of the books I have read on how to draw with coloured pencils mentions these as the best brand in the States so I thought I would try them...I really like coloured pencil to draw with, it is so precise and when I get good enough, you can get almost photo quality with them...

Do any of you folks like using coloured pencil?

All the best,


**Note from Kerry:
I haven't experimented with color as much as I'd like to, Boshy. I also found out it makes a difference what brand you buy. Your drawing is great. Good work!

Added Comments:
by: Ginger
I tried coloured pencils but started with the uncolored for the outline. Once I started adding colour I noticed the indentation from the outline. Since I didn't like that I put them away. Maybe I need to read a book or two too.
Lucky you to live so close to so much culture.

by: Boshy
Me Too!!!
I know exactly what your saying Ginger...I have done that so many times myself and still do occasionally if I'm not paying attention...That said...I now use an embossing tool to actually put those sunken lines in intentionally...It makes doing whiskers on animals really easy to do if you emboss them in at the beginning of the Drawing...Other than that...Try and use as little pressure as possible with your pencil as not to leave an indentation...Boshy

I like your castle and yes, I like painting with colored pencils, good job!

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